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Oceanic Shadow Diving Mask



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Oceanic Shadow Diving Mask


Manufacturers Description


The Shadow Mask from Oceanic is a frameless, single-lens diving mask with a huge field of vision that can fold almost flat and comes with an adjustable neoprene strap already fitted.

The Shadow Mask lives up to its name by incorporating a sleek, black 100% liquid silicone skirt attached directly to the tempered glass. This low volume skirt works in conjunction with swivelling, easy adjusting buckles to provide ultra-comfortable adjustment and fit. Because it has no plastic mask frame, the Shadow packs flat and takes up very little space during travel or transportation. It can also perform an additional use of being a "back up" mask since it can actually be packed small enough to fit in the pockets of most BCs!

The Ice Version incorporates the same frame free features as the original, but in a frosted high-quality liquid silicone finish! Besides looking ultra-slick, the clear finish of the mask allows more light to reach the diver, thus creating a more "open" feeling while diving. So be cool and get the Ice.

Mini Skirt Option is designed to fit a smaller spectrum of faces for ladies and youngsters. The Mini Shadow and Mini Shadow ice feature a smaller, frame-free silicone skirt. These low volume masks clear easier and offers a more streamlined profile. The new tempered glass lenses provide a much greater field of downward vision, necessary in seeing and getting to equipment located within "the diver's triangle". Like all the masks in the Shadow family, the Mini Shadow is also becoming an excellent backup mask, found in the BC pocket of many technical divers.

Webbing / Neoprene Mask Strap can be replaced with a conventional Silicone/Rubber Strap if you prefer, not included.

Essentials Extras
Remember to purchase SeaBuff to pre-treat your new mask lenses to reduce the chance of fogging.
It can be purchased individually or as part of the New Mask Package for all the essentials you need at an even better value.

Dive Type Freedive

Product ratings

2 January 2005

Excellent service was provided,and the mask ordered was of the highest quility for the price paid.

27 July 2005

Lovely mask, very comfortable, have had some very enjoyable dives in and thanks to this mask. 10 out of 10!

29 August 2005

Excellent mask, best I've owned - many years of holiday snorkeling. Just spent 2 weeks in Sharm (Red Sea fantastic) and at last embarked on a diving course. Mask didn't let me down. Would definitely recommend.

9 September 2005

Very good quality, would recomend

9 October 2005

Great mask...let in no water at all and was comforable to wear. I ordered a load of stuff a few days before my holiday and it was sent out immediately and beautifully packaged up. Thank you so much... I recommend your site to everyone!

5 April 2006

I've dived with this mask (mini shadow) over 100 times now and it is still as good as when I bought it. In fact me and my wife squabble over who's going to use it. In fact we're about to buy another. Comfortable, easy to pack, easy to clear.

19 December 2006

An absolutely superb mask. I am thrilled with the fit, light, flexible comfort, style and ease of use.

12 January 2008

Present for hubby, he loves the extra light tand all round vision that he gets from the mask but he is having problems with it sealing.

17 March 2008

I'm not a diver, but have been a keen snorkeller for years. I used this mask (the Mini Ice version) off Ko Phi Phi for a few weeks in February with a TUSA Platina Hyperdry snorkel. This was by far the best snorkel gear I've used. The mask is a perfec

27 March 2008

Great mask. Is perfect!

30 April 2008

Adjusted strap, put on and away I went, no leaks at all and very comfortable, very little fogging. I fortunately bought the mini version which fits my face perfect, can't imagine what the standard one would have looked like on me!

3 September 2008

good product no issues

14 October 2008

I was dissapointed with the fabric headstrap. It's very hard to adjust underwater with a glove on. Hard to simply pull to tighten and quick release, not like the the older Shadow which was excellent. The headstrap seems to be a move backward!!

17 October 2008

The best mask I've used!

20 January 2009

It's very hard to adjust headstrap when underwater with a glove on.

26 February 2009

Great mask, good size - can't imagine what the normal sized one is like!!! kept me in the dry, except when I smiled or laughed. I suppose this is usual though. I asked my hubby as he has a oceanic mask but he just said don't smile then! He was obviou

27 March 2009

A great mask but needs the clear dry fluid for the full benefit - extremely comfortable mask

13 April 2009

Not the easiest mask to clear, but with practice, I'll improve my skill. The original strap buckle is hard to adjust, so I removed it and I sew the strap at the right size. The neoprene provides enough stretch for comfort.

26 April 2009

By far the best and most comfortable mask I have used, I now own two, one as a main and the other as my back-up.

28 April 2009

I did not dive until now since I bought this mask but references are excellent and it fits perfect.

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