Nautilus Suunto SK7 SK8 Compass Computer Mount



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Nautilus Suunto SK7 SK8 Compass Computer Mount




This is a replacement wrist mount made by Deep Sea Supply for the Suunto SK7 or SK8 compasses. The DSS SK7 mount provides a quick and easy way to convert the compass from its original elastomer strap mount to a lower profile bungee mount. The elastomer housing is flexible enough to allow easy insertion of the compass but ribust enough to maintain its shape and hold of the module. Using bungee cord instead of an elastomer strap allows easier donning and also allows the fit to compensate with depth rather than become loose at depth.


This kit is supplied with bungee cord.


  • Elastomeric polymer
  • Lower profile than the original mount
  • Designed to take 3mm or 5mm bungee cord


*Product Image May Differ From Final Design Due To Recent Design Change

Product ratings

20 November 2013

A much more convenient way of mounting your compass - 3 instruments in the console makes it bulky, and in the normal suunto wrist mount a bit awkward. This mount seems to do the job well (and sits much lower on the wrist). It's a bit of a tricky oper

13 January 2014

A lot better than the Suunto strap

10 June 2014

Fast delivery, so much easier putting it on no need to fiddle with the straps

20 December 2016

used this with my dry suit in the Uk and is saved me a massive amount of time when I needed to disrobe, after each diver, also it is less fiddly to don and doff with cold hands, and it holds the compass very securely and has relevant notches for comp

13 July 2018

DEEP SEA SUPPLY SUUNTO SK7 SK8 COMPASS MOUNT, good quality, easy to use,easy to setup, fast delivery......