Mens Shorties

Men's shorties keep your core warm and can be worn by themselves in warm waters or under your wetsuit for extra thermal protection. Men's shorty wetsuits are ideal in warmer waters above 25°C or 75°F, shorties offer the advantage of being easy and quick to be able to get into and out of and allow full range of movement. Generally, men's shorties are 2-3mm thick and keep your core warm whilst you're in the water. Men's shorty wetsuits are also ideal for snorkelling as it is only your core that gets cold after a long time in warm water, not your arms and legs and you get a better sensation in the water. Choosing between a front or back zip men's shorty wetsuit is a personal preference, but often front zips are easier to get into and back zips easier to get out of. If they fit properly both can require a helping hand to help you get out as the tighter the better. Unlike supermarket or surfing suits these shorties are made from high-quality neoprene which is resistant to being crushed at depth, resistant to ozone which degrades neoprene over time and contains fewer harmful chemicals. As with all quality neoprene products you should wash them in freshwater at the end of the day, dry out of direct sunlight (not on a radiator either) and store in a cool dark place without folding or thin hangers.