Mens Diving Skins

Skins are great to protect you from the sun on the surface and small marine bumps and stings where the water is warm enough that you don't need a wetsuit. A dive skin is ideal for tropical waters above 28°C or 82°F where you don't need much or any thermal insulation. These one piece body suits are ideal for scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking and all sorts of other watersports. Dive skin suits are ideal to stop scratches and abrasions but also can help protect against the sun. Another great use of a dive skin is to help you get in and out of a wetsuit. Snug wetsuits can stick to your bare skin and be hard to get on and take off but with a skin between your wetsuit will just slide on. These suits pack down to almost nothing so are ideal for travelling. They tend to fall into three categories: 1/ Nylon/Spandex suits 2/ Polyester suits 3/ Thin Neoprene suits. Nylon/Spandex is considered the best for stretch, longevity and ease of care. Polyester suits hold their colour and keep their shape even after repeated use. The thin neoprene suits are usually up to 2mm thick offer slightly more protection and warmth than the the thinner suits. Like all suits you should wash in fresh water after use and dry naturally out of direct sunlight to remove salt deposits and prevent colour fading.