McNett Aqua Sure 2 x 7g tubes Glue



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McNett Aqua Sure 2 x 7g tubes Glue




McNett AquaSure Glue offers flexible repair for wet suits, dry suits and other water sports products.


McNett Aqua Sure is a urethane rubber adhesive that provides a clear,strong and flexible finish suitable for permanent waterproof repairs to holes,tears or leaking seams in most types of watersports items.


Mcnett Aqua Sure can be used on Neoprene wetsuits and drysuits,gloves,rubber boots,latex neck and wrist seals, surf kites, bladders, inflatable mattresses, kayaks, toys, waterproof clothing or pool lings. It can also be applied to high wear areas such as Neoprene knee and elbow sections to help protect against abrasion.


With two seperate tubes if you only use a little at a time the second tube will keep fresh whilst you finish the other.


  • Cures overnight or in 2 hours if used with McNett Cotol-240 accelerator.


  • Contains 2 x 7g tubes.
  • Tube contains Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant.
  • Colour: Clear.
  • Application brush.

Product ratings

7 January 2005

Seems to do everything it says on the pack and has stoped the leak in my drysuit !!

23 January 2005

Very useful item . Well worth keeping a tube handy .

5 April 2010

Excellent product with a first class service

5 August 2011

I pleased with this product as it stops leaking and it´s easy to work with. Big like on the small tubes. I have bought bigger tubes and it goes off few weeks after opening.

29 August 2013

Repaired the leak in my drysuit with this. Nice and dry again now. :o)

29 April 2014

Very long setting time. Not tacky, so joining tape is tricky.

1 April 2015

Small tubes for the small jobs. Good for emergency repair kit

23 February 2016

Very handy and easy to use glue for minor DIY suit or boot repairs. Allow it to cure for 24hrs and voila, job done.

2 May 2018

Used to repair a hole in my drysuit boot. Works well

17 December 2018

I used the glue on small as well as large fingernail tears in my wetsuit and it sealed up the cuts very well.

25 March 2019

Works fine