Mares Quad Dive Computer


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Mares Quad Dive Computer


£229.00 £278.00


The Mares Quad Dive Computer is a large screen wrist mounted dive computer with a simple user interface and large digit screen so you can read all of your dive information easily even in poor visibility. The large screen allows for more information to be displayed on the screen with larger digits but the computer itself is quite thin on your wrist and low profile so it won't get in the way.


Mares Computers no longer come with a printed hard copy of the user manual. Digital Copies are available to download for free from Mares and we have linked this computer's Manual here. 

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Easy to Use

The four button user interface let you navigate forwards and backwards and in and out of the menu structure to adjust settings and collect dive information. Three dive modes make the Quad easy to use with minimal complications, Air, Nitrox and Bottom Timer mode is all you need for recreational diving and the Bottom Timer means it can be used for more technical divers too.


Multi Strap

The long strap is soft and comfortable with a good grip to hold the computer in place and the mount for each side allows for the straps to be removed and bungee straps to be fitted for an elasticated option.



  • Air
  • Nitrox
  • Bottom Timer


  • CR2450, approx 200-300 dives, depending on usage


  • RGBM Mares-Wienke, 10-tissue

Dimensions: 95 x 75 x 20mm

Screen approx. 58 x 30mm.

Also, consider purchasing a screen protector to avoid scratches to the face of your dive computer.

Dive Type Scuba

Product ratings

6 August 2017

Great dive computer. Menu''s easy to navigate and quick/easy to change O2% between dives. Very easy to read underwater, strap a bit long when worn on bare wrist in warm climates and ''flops'' over display but would be ok with a drysuit.

17 March 2018

A very good and nice looking dive computer from Mares . Menu is very easy to navigate and to set up I got this one as my eye are not so good now but the nice big screen makes this good to see all the time . you do need to buy the bluelink to down load your dives to a computer

14 August 2018

I bought this particular computer because my previous one was getting more difficult to see as a result of my weakening eyesight. I had noticed on other dives that some divers were using rectangular shaped systems which seemed to have much bigger characters, and so I decided to look at buying a similar type, and that's when I came on the Mares Quad. I've had it on a few dive now and really can't complain. It's got a very easy to navigate menu and extremely easy to read while on a dive , plus ut looks goid too.... definitely recommend it and definitely 5 stars

24 July 2019

So easy to use and fantastic idea enabling straps to be detached and holes for bungee strap. I'm extremely happy with this purchase and Simply Scuba kept me updated with delivery.

20 September 2019

very good dive computer as a first computer, screen is big which is good for older divers or divers with eyesight troubles, does air and nitrox, strap quality good will easily fit over a wetsuit or a drysuit! well worth the money! does not do trimix though.