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Mares Jax Personalised Mouthpiece




The Mares Jax Personalised Mouthpiece will mould to your jaw for the perfect customisable mouthpiece for your primary second stage.


Personalised Mouthpeice is maleable when warmed so it will mould to your jaw when you bite down on it and will set firm when cooled. Simply immerse JAX in boiling water for a few seconds and then clamp it between your teeth to achieve a perfectly stable mouthpiece that will ensure perfect comfort.



  • Eliminates rubbing against the gums.
  • Relaxes facial muscles.
  • Protects the joints of the jaw.
  • Eliminates mouthpiece headaches after dives especially in cold waters



The Regular and the Small have the same size bite but there are two differences:

  1. The Regular extends 6mm further into the mouth and can be bitten with all molars.
  2. The Small does not have the internal ridge on the inside of the mouthpiece.


  Bite Area Overall Length
Small 40mm 69mm
Regular 34mm 63mm

Product ratings

11 December 2009

Fits perfect on my Scubapro regulator, much more comfortable than the standard mouthpiece.

1 May 2018

This is great, totally removes jaw fatigue on long dives. Really like it

15 December 2018

As you make/mould the mouthpiece to your own teeth,it's really comfortable and you totally forget you're using a regulator. Highly recommend ,as have previously had gum ulcers from badly fitting mouthpieces. Easily fitted to equipment and just lightly rinse with toothpaste afterwards.

11 September 2019

Easy to mould, feels great. Not dived with it yet. But for sure it will save the jaw.

20 September 2019

Easy to mould, even if you get it wrong 1st time, you can do again

5 November 2019

As my teeth are not quite regular, and I am missing a few, standard mouthpieces were always uncomfortable, and needed a conscious and tiresome grip. The Jax mouthpiece gives perfect comfort, you almost don't know it's there. I had to remove some material on the inside, which I did with a craft knife, but found it lwft sharp edges which were difficult to file smooth.

22 November 2019

Bought this as a replacement after finding a hole in my regs mouthpiece. Moulded it easily, fitted it easily then went diving. Got to 30m and couldn't breathe. The way it was moulded, my teeth blocked the opening for gas flow so much I had to double check my cylinder was properly open (it was!). Did the next 3 dives on my octopus until I could get an Apeks comfybite to replace this.

2 March 2020

I’m using a Poseidon Seven and the importance of keeping the loop in your mouth for long periods of time can not be underrated. Poseidon has a larger connection for the mouthpiece than other brands. I solved it by first softening the mouthpiece and fitting it to the regulator.

2 March 2020

Purchased for my wife as she experienced the same difficulty as I did when learning. Keeping a standard mouthpiece in place and avoiding jaw ache. I drank so much sea when beginning and this simple thing was a game changer for me. It sits perfectly in your upper teeth and doesn’t move. Beauty is you can remould it should your initial attempt not be quite right. Perfect for swapping out on hired regs when on holiday.