Mares Dragon SLS BCD


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Mares Dragon SLS BCD


£339.00 £422.00


The Mares Dragon BCD has a strong legacy of reliability and resillience and this version follows that. Updated with the new SLS weight pocket system and new materials this Dragon will keep you diving in rough waters.


Fusion Bladder

The shape and design of the bladder combines the best parts of a wing style bladder and a jacket style wrap-around for a comfortable BCD with plenty of lift that holds you in a good position under the water and on the surface.

The bladder wraps around your cylinder, holding it steady on your back without twisting or turning and also holds you horizontal in the water when the BCD only has a little amount of air in it. When you fully inflate your BCD on the surface it will hold you in a head up position so you save energy in the water waiting for the RIB.


Weight approx. : 4.5kg

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BCD Style Jacket
Backplate Type Padded rigid
Dive Type Scuba
Integrated Weight Capacity 8
Integrated Weights SLS
Storage Pockets Yes
Trim Weight Capacity 4.00
Trim Weight Pouches Yes

Product ratings

29 April 2018

This is a great BCD. Very well made and fits like a dream. The sls weights system is easy to use and very secure and the inflator hose is very ergonomic

14 September 2018

I ordered this BCD for my son. We selected this one as it fitted our budget, but most importantly it holds 6k per pouch, whereas most of its competitors only hold 4K. It seemed slightly fiddly to get the hang of inserting the pouches ( it helps to read the instructions!) it was used for UK diving this weekend and we can’t fault it!

7 June 2019

Bought this as my first BCD fits like a dream with plenty of lift and comfortable to boot... Definitely recommend this BC to anyone either new or experienced

30 June 2019

The best

17 July 2019

After 600+ dives I decided it was time for something new. The additional soft back support is very comfortable and but for the cylinder weight you can’t feel it on your back. Also very pleased with the all round inflation cushioning/wrapping around the body.

11 December 2019

lovely BCD, fits me perfect. has everything you need. great design and ok price.

5 March 2020

I had been using the normal BCD at the dive Centre. Absolutely loved this when I got in the water. I felt so comfortable and bottle sort of lifts away. Took a bit to get use to the SLS , but great