Luxfer 11.1L 80cf Aluminium Bare Cylinder Accessory



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Luxfer 11.1L 80cf Aluminium Bare Cylinder Accessory




The Luxfer 11.1L Aluminium Cylinder Bare is a standard size single cylinder that you find at dive sites all over the world. This 80 cubic foot cylinder has a working pressure of 207bar and a brushed finish. Sealed with a plug in the manufacturing process you can choose which valve you want fitted.

Please note cylinders can only be sent to UK mainland addresses and empty.

Who's the 11.1L For?

Lighter than steel cylinders and with a flat bottom the 11.1L is easier to carry around and more neutrally buoyant. 11.1L or 80cuft is the most common size cylinder you are given around the world and should give you around an hours dive at recreational depths.

The 80cuft can be used as a single cylinder or you can twin them up with modular valves and a manifold or use them as a hich volume stage cylinder so they're a good all-rounder.

Recommended Accessories

As a bare cylinder this tank doesn't come with a valve fitted so you need to choose a M25x2 thread valve and torque it in properly. We recommend the Apeks Basic Valve for single cylinder use or a Modular Valve for twins or stage cylinders.

For a stage cylinder you'll need a rigging kit. You can either build it yourself or get it all together in the DIR Zone Stage Rigging Kit.


  • WP: 207bar
  • Diameter: 184mm
  • Length: 662mm
  • Weight(empty): 14.2kg
  • Buoyancy(empty): +1.6kg

*cylinder must be cleaned and marked for Nitrox or Trimix by your local IDEST centre after purchase.

About Luxfer

Luxfer are best known for in scuba diving for manufacturing aluminium cylinders in a range of sizes. Volumes ranging from 11.1L down to 1.5L Aluminium cylinders are becoming more popular than steel because of their lighter weight and more neutral buoyancy.

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