Lavacore Long Sleeve Womens Drysuit Undersuit Top

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Lavacore Long Sleeve Womens Drysuit Undersuit Top

Black White



The Womens Lava Core Long Sleeve Shirt can be used as a rash guard and as thermal underwear for SCUBA diving in tepid to cold waters.

Windproof and Anti Microbial fleece layer for odour control and comfort against the skin keeps you warm and clean after extended use.

Trilaminate Fabric provides different properties for each layer; an Ultraflex Durable Outer Shell including 4 way stretch and a quick drying material which easily sheds water, a Breathable Microporous Mid-Layer which is windproof but allows perspiration to be drawn away from the body and a Insulating Thermal Inner-Layer with Anti-Pill and Anti-Microbial treatment to reduce odor and eliminate bacteria.

Flatlock Seams are overlapped diagonally that reduces waterflow and increases integrity keeping you warmer in cooler water.

Neutrally Buoyant fabric doesn't require you to add or subtract any weights.


  • Water repellant and anti chill properties on outer layer
  • Quick drying outer layer
  • High stretch mid layer which is wind proof and breathable. Allows perspiration to be wicked away
  • Inner layer fleece has anti pill treatment
  • Anti microbial lining to reduce odour
  • Neutrally buoyant
  • Flatlocked seams overlapped for water integrity
  • Sun protection of SPF 30 plus


  • Outer layer: Lycra 180g/m2 knitted nylon wrap knit tricot
  • Mid layer: Impermeable, breathable microporous PU film
  • Inner layer: Fleece 240g/m2 4 way stretch fleece with elastane
Fit Tight
Thermal Yes
UPF rating 30

Product ratings

4 October 2011

Really like this product. Wore it under my drysuit at the weekend. Didn't notice if I was cold or not so that says a lot (I really feel the cold usually!). Will be giving it a go under my wetsuit in Lanzarote soon. Hopefully it'll stave off the chill

12 May 2015

great product especially for price, this is more reasonable than other similar products and does a great job. i not only dive but do a lot of survey work in my drysuit, spending long periods of time in the water. I tend to get cold quite easily bu

10 February 2017

The wife always feels the cold and so we got this to put under her 5mm wetsuit. I didn''t hear any complaints so it must have worked as the water temp was 22 degrees which is low enough to have normally received a comment.

18 October 2018

Kept me nice and warm on a recent dive trip in the UK. Easy to get on and off. Would definitely recommend. Will be buying the trousers in the near future

20 December 2018

Lovely and keeps you warm during the dive . It dries quickly as well in between dives .