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Lavacore Gloves Dive Gloves




The Lavacore five finger Gloves are made using the same technical fabric construction used in the other Lavacore garments that helps to trap heat and provide the same thermal properties as 3mm thick neoprene but in a neutrally buoyant, quick drying and lightweight material.


The fabric Lavacore use is Polytherm, a trilaminate made up from a durable and water repellent outer layer, a wind proof membrane and a insulating fleece inner that combines to make an advanced fabric. The end result is a water repellent, windproof yet breathable fabric that is lightweight even when wet and finished with a soft heat retentive fleece that is comfortable to wear.


The Lavacore gloves maximise the use of the fabric by adding an additional hard wearing lining over the palm and finger areas to provide protection from abrasion


  • Tri-laminate fabric construction
  • Water repellent
  • Wind proof
  • Breathable
  • Four way stretch
  • Fleece lined


Sizing guide - Width is the widest point across the base of the fingers, Length is from the wrist to the tip of the fingers:

  • Extra small - Width 3", 7.6cm - Lenth 6.5", 16.5cm
  • Small - Width 3.25", 8.3cm - Length 7", 17.8cm
  • Medium - Width 3.5", 8.9cm - Length 7.5", 19cm
  • Large - Width 3.75", 9.5cm - Length 7.75", 19.7cm
  • Extra Large - Width 4", 10.1cm - Length 8", 20.3cm
  • Extra Extra Large - Width 4.5", 11.4cm - Length 8.5", 21.6cm

Product ratings

7 July 2014

Not made Large enough - too tight

30 April 2015

These are excellent gloves, easy to get on when wet and a good fit. Gives plenty of warmth without hindering dexterity.the stitching did start to come undone on my last pair, but a needle and thread soon put that right.

30 August 2015

Perfect glove, very easy to get on and off. No loss of hand movement or sensation. Nice and toasty too! Used a couple of times so far, 55 minute dives in 10-12 degrees water, came out as warm as I went in.

30 March 2018

A very comfortable glove. Good fit and keeps the fingers warm, good dexterity when operating dive computer

25 April 2018

Nicely constructed and warm enough for 3 season use. I have even took these hill walking with me a few times and they perform well wet and dry.

10 September 2018

NIce and warm and flexible enough to preserve dexterity to operate dive computers. I use a Suunto D6i Novo and a Shear water Perdix AI, and even with the small buttons of the suunto I can operate the computer with no problems. Good for Warm Water, especially in Colombo where I do most of my diving. I always use these on wreck dives.

13 December 2018

Just got these gloves very nice fit yet to try them in the water tho too see how warm my hands are

26 April 2019

These are great to use with dry gloves. Flexible, a little stretchy with a long wrist that can tuck under the wrist seal of you want. Also warm enough when the dry glove fails it’s primary purpose. Good on deck in cold weather. I’ve used these gloves when out walking in winter and they perform quite well in that role too.

17 July 2019

Keeps hands warm