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IST Pro Ear Diving Mask



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IST Pro Ear Diving Mask




The Pro Ear Mask from IST is for divers who have difficulty in equalising and problems with ear infections regardless of experience. More dives are aborted and more diving holidays shortened due to ear problems than any other cause.


Water and pressure affect every diver's ears. Infection and discomfort to the ear are the most common health risks involved in diving, often causing permanent damage. Many divers find they must interrupt expensive, long awaited diving holidays as a result of ear problems. The financial loss and unfulfilled expectations are enormous.



  • Silicone strap mounted on swivel buckles. A large contact surface secures the mask to the wearer
  • Clear skirt is made from hypoallergenic silicone and conforms to a wide range of facial profiles
  • Equalisation tubes. A one way valve is placed inside each tube, air is allowed to travel from the mask to the ear covers for pressure and equalisation and water clearance while stopping water flooding the mask in the unlikely event of flooded ear covers.
  • Ear Covers. Soft silicone ear covers form a water tight seal between the ear drum and the cover. The pressure buffer created has the same pressure as your nasal cavity mask when air exhaled through the nose is introduced through the equalisation tubes. Therefore the pressure experienced in your middle and outer ear is the same and the "squeeze" from the ambient will be significantly reduced. Other benefits by keeping the ears sealed include reduced chance of an ear infection from water, improved sense of direction and warmth retention.


  • Clear silicone skirt
  • This mask does not take prescription lenses


Essentials Extras

Remember to purchase SeaBuff to pre-treat your new mask lenses to reduce the chance of fogging. 

It can be purchased individually or as part of the New Mask Package for all the essentials you need at even better value.

Dive Type Scuba
Lens Type Twin
Mask Frame Framed
Skirt Material Silicone

Product ratings

19 March 2009

Good principle, but it leaks quite allot.

6 June 2009

It does exactly what it says it can do when fitted correctly, i noticed when i tried fitting and using for the first time ( just snorkelling ) that it seemed to leak, but, when i actually did my first discover scuba dive the girl that kitted me up sa

20 October 2010

Excellent if you have ear problems,I never took up diving as I always got infections with in 3 days of going in water, saw these and quite literally took the plunge... Now passed my OW and going strong for my AOW,they have not leaked on me but they m

3 June 2014

Arrived to me in NZ within 9days of ordering via snail mail - awesome! took for a freedive in Kaikoura (2nd of June 2014), got heaps of paua, kina & a cray (in berry - doh!) Perfect mask seal & ears stayed dry the whole time. In the past I have alwa

30 July 2015

This mask has literally changed my life and allowed me to take up again a sport I love. I have suffered a recurrent perforation for years - very small hole in scar tissue. Nothing dramatic but it used to put an end to diving for a few months. The

6 September 2016

I have had ear problems all my life and as per ear specialist instructions I have never been able to go under water as can''t get my ear wet. I can''t believe that I have missed out on underwater life for 43years. When my mask arrived I was a little

25 June 2018

I had been told that my snorkeling days were over after tympanoplasty and mastoidectomy 18months ago. I had done some research on the product and took the plunge last week. It arrived after a couple days a go and used it twice since. No great fuss. I still use some cotton wool and vaseline but all in all good. Free dived to 30 ft today. No problems. Top class product

22 December 2018

This works a treat and is part of my belt and braces for ear protection since the last 5 years along with pre-treatment using Earol and post-treatment with my own recipe of ear beer following several ear infections whilst traveling in SE Asia around 2010 onwards. I've been using this mask for the past 5 years and decided to buy another as it works very well and easier to equalise with it.

6 February 2019

I’ve been diving some 20 years. DM. All warm water stuff - mainly SE Asia. Never, ever had an ear problem. Equalisation has never been an issue. But. Age catches up with us all. Diving over the Christmas holiday I experienced an odd sensation in my left ear. Bit like a ‘squelch’. Post dive, for the first time diver ear drops failed to work. Ear properly blocked. That evening I had mild earache. First time for that, too. Ear finally cleared of water a couple of days later. Had a check up from an ENT consultant who recommended strongly that I should stop diving. WHAT! ? Ummm.......... options....... Googled the issue and discovered the 1ST Pro Ear Scuba Diving Mask. What the heck I might as well give it a go. I am a long time customer of Simply Scuba. They delivered very rapidly as usual (I live in Hong Kong). Today I tried out the mask for real, after practising yesterday in the pool. Wow! Ears totally dry during 2 X 1 hour dives from a boat. No water ingress at all. Most impressive. Looks like, with luck, I will be able to prolong my diving for a little while yet. I can’t say it is the most comfortable mask I have used but that is entirely understandable in the context of 1ST having to design a one size fits all. Marks out of ten for comfort? Maybe 7. Marks out of ten for utility? 10. Thank you 1ST and Simply Scuba. Mike

13 July 2020

Fantástic mask that has changed my life. For 44 years I had never been under water due to ear problems and now I’m snorkelling most weekends! I live in Mallorca so am very lucky to have beautiful coves on my doorstep.

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