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IST Gauge Diving Mask

Clear Blue


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IST Gauge Diving Mask

Clear Blue



The IST Gauge Mask has prescription lenses set at an angle to ease reading gauges and computers. The built in prescription lenses are a more affordable alternative to changing lenses in the mask completley .

+1.75 Quarter Lenses are set at an angle to improve downward vision for anybody who struggles to read their gauges.


Essentials Extras

Remember to purchase SeaBuff to pre-treat your new mask lenses to reduce the chance of fogging. 

It can be purchased individually or as part of the New Mask Package for all the essentials you need at even better value.

Dive Type Scuba

Product ratings

21 August 2017

Mask is a good fit (I have a big nose!) and is fairly low volume. The view is good- most of the field of view is unobstructed. The diopter lenses work really well; the angle means that I can see gauges, computer and camera screen easily. I was even u

19 December 2018

Great bit of kit

2 January 2019

The mask is a good choice when you need glasses to see under water

20 May 2019

I was a little apprehensive at using this mask as although my distant vision is fine, unfortunately like a lot of people reaching middle age, reading anything close up becomes a little challenging. This mask bridges the gap between normal and prescription masks and is for those divers where their vision requires a little help without resorting to the considerable expense of a prescription mask. Initially on the first dive it felt as though I was looking at a split screen but I quickly got used to glancing down through the reading panes and could see my gauges and computer screens very clearly. The split panes do not detract from looking at distant objects and the mask also fitted very comfortably with the silicon skirt being quite flexible. I initially had a small leak but with a slight adjustment this was resolved. Overall, I am very pleased with the mask .

21 June 2019

Couldn’t read my computer so needed a special mask great product

5 August 2019

Have purchased as a try, my close vision is deteriorating & I have to wear glasses to read now, my dive computer was very blurry. All sorted now as when you look down through the correction lenses everything close up becomes clear. Would highly recommend if you’re suffering from poor close vision, when you look straight ahead you just look through a normal lens with no correction so it doesn’t effect long vision.

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