ISC Absolutely Clear Anti Fog Treatment

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ISC Absolutely Clear Anti Fog Treatment

No Colour



ISC Absolutely Clear is the worlds first all day no fog gel for masks and goggles. ISC Absolutely Clear cleans the lens so there is nothing for the condensation to adhere to thus preventing fogging and making your dive more enjoyable.


Apply small amount of ISC Absolutely Clear Anti fog to the lens of your dry mask let dry and buff clear.


ISC Absolutely Clear Anti fog is a much more hygienic than saliva and is recommended as part off your pre-dive and pre-snorkel preparations.



  • One application lasts all day.
  • Lightweight,waterproof and resealable container.
  • Pleasant scent.


  • 4 oz container.
  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • 100+ uses per container.

Product ratings

11 April 2005

Unlike Mr. Fedorowicz I have actually used this product so I am in a position to write a review which is of some use ! This stuff does work, giving a very clear mask without any eye-irritation which I've had with the more soapy de-fog products. It

17 April 2005

Used while diving in Borneo. This product worked well on our masks even though it is a small tub, a little goes a long way.

5 August 2005


22 April 2006

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Great product...

6 May 2006

Worth a crack at, but I found that good old spit and the occasional mask clearing where still required. Really I found the application difficult as the substance seemed to dry and mark the lens a little and so getting the application right would pro

22 July 2006

At last! 10/10 THE BEST EVER. Tried and tested in our cold Pembrokeshire waters! No Spit needed at all! Still worked when mask got wet. I just used a tissue but you must apply a thin film to a completely dry mask.

14 August 2006

Does what it said on the tin. Very pleased, never had a foggy mask regardless of how long or how many times I dived in a day. I did not use it for my last couple of diving days and it still did not fog up.

1 September 2006

only put a bit on and do it before you get to the beach as you have to leave it to dry and then wipe it off. It worked perfectly when i did this and actually lasted for two days without reapplying. But on the third day i was too impatient to let it d

27 October 2006

Brilliant does exactly what it says it does

27 March 2007

Looked forward to a fog free mask in Tobago - unfortunately it didn't seem to work that well. Still got some fogging and had to resort to good old spit. Tried thin films and thicker applications, always polished off, it just didn't live up to my expe

23 April 2007

I found that my mask did still fog slightly the first time I used it, you must make sure you don't put to much on and you allow to dry completely before you wipe it. The second time I used it I had no problems using it I will deffinatley carry on usi

26 February 2008

10 out of 10 first class product,doe,s what it says

14 April 2008

Brilliant! It really works!

18 April 2008

Smaller than I thougt, but works fine

24 April 2008

Protection lasted all day - still got most of the tub left after doing two masks for six days. remember the addage that a little goes a long way - this does the trick perfectly!

1 May 2008

Works perfectly, but at a high price for such a small tub, so 9/10.

23 May 2008

This is absolutely BRILLIANT! I am an open water swimmer and this stopped fogging even in Lake Coniston in early May! Small tub maybe, but you hardly need any so that doesn't matter. Can't recommend highly enough.

28 May 2008


17 June 2008

Does what it says on the tin. Use this for every dive never disappointed. Great for snorkelling too.

30 July 2008

First time I've tried any anti-fog product, so I can't make any comparisons, but it worked fairly well & definitely better than spitting on them, which someone suggested to me!