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Hydrotech Blue Dry Dive Gloves




The Blue Dry Gloves have long been a method of keeping your hands warm and dry in extreme cold water. The gloves are made using a heavy duty PVC to help prevent puncture and abrasion damage and are fitted with a fleece linning on the inside for warmth. The latex seals can be used with cuff rings or sealed directly against the wrist.

Product ratings

7 February 2014

good fit i have used them with a ring system nice and warm

25 February 2014

Used these as was diving in freezing conditions. Hardest part about the gloves is fitting them especially if you and your buddy are both wearing them you really need an extra man to help get in and out of them. They weren't as warm as i thought and w

24 April 2014

Having worn the gloves once I found them very warm and on getting out of water at 8 degree after 1 hour, I had lost no dexterity in my fingers.

17 February 2016

Brilliant idea however getting one glove is relatively easy but getting the other glove on is difficult.

11 July 2016

Overall these gloves seem pretty warm. I have only used them a few times and my hands were warm and toasty upon surfacing. The only issues I really have is that getting one glove on is fine. But you aint getting that second one on''without a helping

22 November 2016

They take a little practice to put on but work well

3 March 2017

Unfortunately these are not fit for purpose with regards to dry glove system as impossible to fit inside glove. But as an independent dry glove ok

13 January 2018

Bought these a few weeks ago based on reviews and scuba forums. I've installed them on my Ultima ring system on my Waterproof D10. This involved trimming some of the latex cuff, but generally worked really well. I've dived these in 7°C water at the weekend. Very impressed. More than an hour's drive and my hands didn't get cold - didn't use any additional liners. More dexterity than my 5mm neos. In general I like that they are lined, as opposed to needing separate liners.

27 May 2019

Great dry and warm glove - completed my advanced open water with this glove in Scotland in 8 celsius water. Dexterity is pretty good - managed to tie the knots underwater with out any issues. Only one small issue is that the wrist seal is a little too tight