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Hollis F2 Diving Fins




The Hollis F2 Fins are a really tough but light fin made from a high grade, heavy duty monoprene like the F1 Fins but are designed to reduce overall weight and size which makes them good for UK and travel.


Double Layer Blade design increases the surface area of the blade to provide the power and efficiency of bigger and longer blades yet allows easy packing and travelling thanks to the shorter blade length. Vents in the lower blade help to reduce stress on the foot and ankle but also act to accelerate water over the blade.


The F2 is fitted with an adjustable spring strap as standard. The strap can be moved between two mounting points on either side of the fin to shorten or lengthen the strap to suit your foot size. The strap has a large thumb loop to aid donning and removal.


  • Heavy duty Monoprene construction
  • Double layer blade design for reduced length and weight
  • Vented lower blade to reduce foot and ankle stress
  • Adjustable spring strap


Length : 504mm

Pair Weight : 1.8kg

Blade Type Vented
Dive Fin Type Technical Fins
Scuba Fins
Fin Heel Type Open Heel
Fin Length 504.00 mm
Strap Type Spring

Product ratings

4 May 2015

Really pleased with these fins. I am a small woman and sizing was difficult to anticipate but the adjustable springs allowed the alteration required.

20 June 2016

This is really a perfect product for me. I will take it to Greece soon and will test it for first time. It is high quality product and I am extremely happy with my new Hollis F2 fins. It looks better in reality that in a photo.

1 October 2017

These fins are amazing in all respects apart from performance in anything other than zero current. They are superbly light-weight, compact and comfortable (really good foot pockets) BUT they give nearly zero propulsion in even tiny currents. Hence why I say I am disappointed by these fins as, but for the impotence of these fins, I would rate them as the best ever. I guess you just can't have a"perfect" light-weight powerful fin for open water, but for cave diving these would be the absolute pinnacle (IMO). I think the Mares X-Stream fins (which are so light - 0.85 kg per fin) give the best "light fin" performance but their drawback is their length.

20 April 2018

These fins fit well, look good, are nice and light and really well made. The down side is they have zero power when used in any sort of moving water. Great for traini g in the pool or lake but useless in the north sea.

11 August 2019

comfortable fins, works very well.