Hollis C45 LX Wing

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Hollis C45 LX Wing

Black Red



The Hollis C45 LX Wing is a 45lbs (20Kg / 200N) 360-degree donut style wing with an internal retractor system to help reduce drag and snag risks. The shape of the wing and location of the dump valves have been improved for better buoyancy control and the internal retractor system keeps the wing streamlined during the dive so it doesn't taco or flap in the water when deflated.

Who's the C45 For?

The C45 is made for Twin Cylinders for divers who want a streamlined wing with optimal airflow while diving. The signature black and red Hollis colours makes you stand out in and out of the water against pure black wings so you can be better seen.

The wing has a tough HD laminated 1680D Cordura outer shell to protect the bladder from abrasion and is finished in black with a red stripe that runs the entire outer edge. The bladder itself is made from 420 nylon for high wear and a long life even if the external shell is punctured. Water is allowed to drain from the outer layer via three vents holes in the bottom of the wing. A bungee loop runs around the entire wing to draw the excess material back into the centre as the wing is deflated to maintain a streamlined profile.

The wing is fitted with a single lower left pull dump which is on the inside face of the wing to prevent snagging and an inflator is fitted to the left shoulder via a low profile elbow and oval corrugated hose.


  • Welded flange and one-piece retainer for servicing without the need for tools
  • Outer shell constructed of HD Laminated 1680D Cordura
  • 420 nylon internal bladder
  • Centrally located elbow to avoid tank valve/regulator interference
  • Lower left pull relief valve
  • Cam band slots
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External Shell 1680
Inflator Location Offset
Internal Bladder 420
Lift (N) 197.00 N
Lift (kg) 20.00 kg
Lift (lbs) 45.00 lbs
Tanks Twins
Wing Shape Donut

Product ratings

2 August 2016

Really nice balance, easy to purge. The way it collapses when deflated means there is little drag underwater. I am looking forward to having a go with using a single tank with a converter for my backplate. Highly recommended.

2 November 2017

well balanced and well made

15 April 2018

Used for over 50 dives now and still think it is a great bit of kit

16 April 2018

Used on a recent caving course and the wing proved solid, standing up to being dragged about and covered in crap.

1 May 2018

It is a very good and very well made Hollis wing. Made of good quality materials. Very well balanced.