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Hinchcliffe Fish ID Diving Slate




Handy, flexible, double sided fish ID slate showing about 40-50 of the most common specimens found in each location.


  • Size approx 15cm x 23cm
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible Slate

Product ratings

4 June 2005

These are actually veyr good. Detailed enough to show you what to look for but simple enough not to confuse.

4 June 2005

These are actually pretty good. The pictures are detailed enough to clearly show you what you are looking for but simple enough not to confuse.

21 August 2005

Not enough detail- I know what do you expect for the money? The thing is the red sea is so diverse that its hard to put so much information on slate- useful for the first time tripper to the red sea- else get a better book based guide

20 March 2008

quite a few fish not on the slate from the area we were diving

15 July 2008

Looks OK - can't cover evrything on one slate, but much better than nothing.

17 December 2008

Excellent detail on the cards but they weren't part of the same set/design. They were different sizes and had different titles

25 April 2009

Does give a handy guide however fish names are often different between different identifying sources. The red sea version differed from the names the local guides used, they seemed to be agreed on the Collins Guide to Red sea fish

28 September 2009

Last second purchase before heading to Sharm. These don't really have enough information on them to make them useful. We ended up buying a book over there for the same price which was far better, but a heavier book we already had in the UK was even

27 October 2009

The slates have good clear images of a wide variety of fish for each of the selected slates, I can't however comment on how useful or accurate they are until I've visited and dived the regions purchased.

21 September 2010

I have a few of these cards,and it is quite easy to identify the fish. Hoping that this does the trick in the maldives in 2 weeks time!

20 December 2010

very clear and interesting

6 March 2011

They are very interesting.And very helpful.Hope it is helpful in eygpt in 12 weeks.

10 June 2011

Not as comprehensive as i had hoped.

22 August 2011

(RED SEA REEF FISH) Nice illustrations for a variety of fish. I have seen these slates at almost every dive centre I've been too. Worth pointing out though that the slates only have reef fish and do not contain any of the larger pelaigics or coral

31 October 2011

Fast and efficient service. Good product for any new divers.

22 November 2011

a little too soft. only small fish. But it suits me fine.

29 November 2011

Great product and very useful, I visit the Caribbean often and all the fish are on the card for the students to ID.

13 September 2016

These will be a godsend when I have to cope with the often awkward questions from my 2 scuba-diving grandsons. They will think that I am an expert!

28 November 2016

Great to nerd out on fishes.

23 January 2018

Planche en plastique bien finie représentant clairement les espèces de poissions que l’on rencontre en mer rouge (modèle que j’ai choisi). Elle est à la fois souple et solide et les couleurs sont jolies.