Fourth Element

Fourth Element 7mm Coldwater Neoprene Wetsuit Hood



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Fourth Element

Fourth Element 7mm Coldwater Neoprene Wetsuit Hood




This Fourth Element hood offers the same features and fit of the standard 7mm hood but with the additional of a warmneck collar.


The hood has a glideskin interior for improved feel and seal and is made using a stretch neoprene for more comfortable fit. Micro holes in the hood allows air to vent whilst minimising water ingress.

Product ratings

22 May 2014

Used in Vivian quarry in N Wales, minimum temp was 8°c and I didn't get brain freeze ! Very happy with it.

5 January 2015

Great product, very comfy around my head. Extremely warm. Great seal.

18 May 2015

A very good and warm hood. Suitable for cold waters in Finland.

28 September 2015

Excellent hood for cold water diving - highly recommended

7 October 2015

Have worn this hood now on 3-4 dives and can honestly say it was the best purchase I've ever made. Would recommend this product to anyone diving in cold water. Its warm, excellent fit & excellent quality.

4 May 2016

Quality product really kept my head warm diving at 8degrees

8 May 2017

Great quality hood really well made really good warmth.very stratified.

25 April 2018

Well made, very comfortable, perfectly fits on my head. Even when I’ve been diving in winter in 3 degrees water its been very warm

13 May 2018

Another outstanding bit of kit from 4th element. A pleasure to use. .

18 June 2018

This hood fits perfect, looks perfect and work perfect. I love all fourth element kit and this hood is no different the price is high but so is the quality and product. Highly recommend

1 January 2019

This hood is brilliant. I dive all winter in a lake and it keeps me warm and keeps water out. The only thing is, it also keeps air in! When I clear or compensate my mask and blow some air out, the hood retains that air really well, and can start to balloon or let water leak in. The vent holes on the top of the hood are offset well, but don't really vent the air. However this is the only criticism I could really find, and it's a picky thing anyway. The hood is amazing and I'll stick to FE things as much as I can!

1 May 2020

Fits nicely and is comfy