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Fourth Element

Fourth Element 3mm Dive Gloves


£36.00 £41.00

Item code: 309298

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Fourth Element

Fourth Element 3mm Dive Gloves


£36.00 £41.00
Manufacturers Description


The Fourth Element 3mm Dive Gloves are a thinner pair of gloves to protect your hands from chilly water and from cuts and scrapes. With all the features of their cold-water gloves such as thermoflex lining & sealed seams just with thinner neoprene, these gloves aim to keep your hands warmer with thinner material so you don't lose dexterity.

Who's the 3mm For?

3mm gloves are great for diving at home in the summertime, which requires a thin pair of gloves. Longer, warm-water dives can often require a thin pair of gloves not just to keep your hands warm but also to protect them from cuts and scratches.

Thin enough to allow for good dexterity, so you can feel what you're doing, 3mm is good to take the edge off but for colder water, a 5mm is probably better.

Dive Type Scuba
Material 90% Neoprene
Material - Lining 10% Nylon

Product ratings

19 August 2010

Extremely good fit and comfortable. Tested in 13C water and kept my hands warm on two 45 minute dives.

25 December 2010

I bought these as a gift for my firend and dive buddy, having previous bought the 5mm ones for myself - fantastic gloves! Warm, tough wearing, flexible and stylish - excellent product.

1 June 2011

I nice snug fit (used simplyscuba sizing guide) no lose of function due to flexible material. 30mins at 8°C was about the gloves limit for me.

19 August 2011

Using these gloves with a 7mm suit in 12 degrees centigrade water and they are comfortable, warm and well made. Also I was really impressed with the service from Simplyscuba...EXCELLENT.

5 October 2011

I found them to be a great glove, really good fit with no flushing.

19 April 2012

fantastic a size bigger than your usual size

8 November 2012

Excellent gloves and service

15 June 2015

Cannot recommend these gloves high enough, best diving gloves I have ever worn and owned. They feel much slimmer and better to handle mask adjustments etc whist in the water. As warm as any 5mm neoprene gloves and so much thinner along with more c

3 March 2016

This is my second pair- I find they do get shredded especially with a lot of wreck diving, but still of all the gloves I have used these win in terms of comfort and ease of donning- 3mm used December-April for Scottish diving- they aren't quite a

8 June 2016

Product is well made and keeps hands warm in 20c water, the wrist part stays under wetsuit well. Size runs very large, size chart suggests measuring hands under the knuckles but actual glove has too much extra material for palm of hands and each fing

22 April 2018

These gloves look good, are well made but are actually really poorly fitting. Even at 3mm I found them a pain to wear and ended up giving them away.

13 May 2018

Another outstanding bit of kit from 4th element. A pleasure to use. .

10 September 2018

Great gloves for reef and wreck clean up projects. A bit stiff and hard to operate dive computer buttons with this pair of gloves

8 October 2018

I found these gloves very easy to get on with. I also found as they are only 3mm they do keep your hands nice and warm . They were a little stiff when they were new but they do loosen up after a little time

21 August 2019

Good gloves, very well made and not restrictive at all