EEZYCUT Trilobite with Harness Pouch Dive Knife



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EEZYCUT Trilobite with Harness Pouch Dive Knife




The EEZYCUT Trilobite is a small and very sharp but safe line cutter that can be used to quickly deal with fishing line, nets, webbing or line. This model is supplied with a harness pouch which will fit any 2 or 2.5-inch webbing. The Trilobite fits into a low profile pouch and secured in place using the velcro tab. The harness pouch could also be fitted very wide dive computer or wrist gauge straps.

The Trilobite has two cutting edges for redundancy but also to provide a quick way to deal with entanglements. The device can simply be removed from the pouch and used with the need to work out whether it is around the correct way beforehand. The covered blade design significantly reduces the risk of accidental damage whilst allowing line or webbing to easily flow down onto the blade when needed.

The Trilobite is supplied with two spare blades. Only the proper Trilobite blades are recommended to ensure proper fit and cutting. Over time as your blades need replacing you can keep them sharp by replacing them with Replacement Blades.

Product ratings

10 October 2013

I have attached this to the waist band of my wing. It's easy to remove from its pouch without being in danger of falling out. Easy to use and effective. Excellent!

5 December 2013

Awesome - even though this is the harness pouch - I have used it on my wrist and easily accessible.

29 January 2014

Small but effective. Easy to fit to bcd straps

25 August 2014

I heard about the Eeezycut from a dive friend of mine. Looks great and just what I might need if I have to cut fishing line from marine life [I hope that will not be necessary but you never know!]

22 January 2015

I watched the video trilobite video and tried it for myself and it does exactly as shown. An invaluable piece of kit and well worth the money and a lot easier to stow than some knives!

17 May 2016

Fortunately I've not has to use this in anger, but it's a great bit of kit. It clips onto my BCD nicely, and judging by how sharp the spare blades are, it has plenty of cutting power. Much more compact and safer than a knife.

6 June 2016

love both the on for the wrist straps and for the makes it so much easier to get at.highly recommend this to divers at any level.great product

15 June 2016

Safe, sharp and easy to attach always there if you need it

18 July 2016

Great piece of kit, must have

5 September 2016

A fantastic ergonomic design complete with a pouch and fastner that won''t let you down.

11 November 2016

My husband and I bought one each and they''re fabulously designed (and come in a variety of bright colours, making them easy to spot if you drop them). Attached to our weight belts, the velcro strap makes the fastener very easy to use (they''re secur

18 February 2018

I think this is the best line cutter I have ever used. It is so well designed you can cut a line with your eyes closed without cutting yourself or kit by mistake. A real life saver when diving.

28 April 2018

I liked this so much that I just ordered another one today, glows in the dark and really well designed.

5 May 2018

Good tool - very sharp and secures into its pouch very firmly. The webbing loop to attach it to a strap isn't huge though - it's about 2 inches wide, so you might not be able to get it over a shoulder strap etc and may have to fit it somewhere else, but that's not a huge problem.

25 September 2018

This is a great little line cutter, its compact and stows away easily so you can forget it until you need it. Mine is permanently attached to my shoulder strap.

7 November 2018

This is one of the best line cutter I have ever had, I am thinking of buying another one for my spare bcd.

19 December 2018

Sharp and precise, can literally cut through the most toughest rope and materials

14 June 2019

I’ve not had cause to use it in the water yet, but it’s sharp and cuts great on dry land. Fits well on my bcd strap, and always there should I need it.

13 October 2019

Handily fitted onto my BCD waistband - easy to reach & nice and sharp. Good that extra blades are supplied with the product.

14 April 2020

100% recommend you get a few of these to put in different places. Super sharp and safe. Great for cutting fishing line, cave line, etc. Will also get through harness webbing and car seatbelts like butter. Have one in the car just in case