Diving Regulator Packages

Regulator Packages are a great way to buy your new dive equipment whether you are buying your first diving set and just starting your diving experience or a seasoned diver looking for advanced equipment and new technology. Most regulator packages are made up of three major parts - the 1st and 2nd stage, the alternate air source (Octopus) and the instruments. All of these components can be bought individually but manufacturers match suitable elements together to create pre-assembled sets to meet a number of uses and environments that both recreational and technical divers typically find themselves in. Our diving experts here at Simply Scuba have used their extensive knowledge to select the best Regulator packages available and have also handpicked some of the best individual products to assemble custom packages with performance and value in mind. When it comes to choosing your regulator package it is important to consider where you will be diving, what tanks you are likely to be using, and what sort of diving you intend to do. For example, if you intend to only dive to normal recreational limits whilst on holiday in tropical location then lightweight and compact maybe your major consideration. However if your diving is more demanding and you descending to 50m plus in water temperatures below 10°C (below this temperature is considered to be Coldwater) for example then high performing, balanced first stage which is cold water rated and environmentally sealed is a must. Our regulator packages are also available in International A-Clamp or Din fitting? A-Clamp or Yoke valves are common throughout North America and recreational tourist destinations but DIN is a much newer fitting which has been gaining popularity over the last few years. It provides a safe coupling to the cylinder, successfully trapping the O-ring between the cylinder valve and the first stage. Also with a DIN fitting screw on adaptors are available to purchase which allow you to conveniently convert the fitting if you travel to an area where only A-Clamp cylinders are available. The number of first stage ports you will need is dependent on your diving environment (warm or cold water) will affect. In warm waters a typical regulator set will include the primary regulator, an Octopus, a BCD inflator hose and a gauge / console – 3 low pressure ports and 1 high pressure port are required for this configuration. In colder waters a dry suit is typically used to provide better thermal protection so an additional low pressure port is generally required. If you need more advice on which regulator to choose then read our Regulators advice page. All our regulator packages are supplied assembled and tested before dispatch so these dive packages offer peace of mind.