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Best Divers

Best Divers Magnetic Hose Holder Dive Miscellaneous




The Best Divers Magnetic Hose Holder is a simple and effective way to mount your alternate mouthpiece. One part attaches to the hose of your octo and the other to a D-Ring on your BCD and Powerful Magnets inside each half holds your mouthpiece in position. The magnets are strong enough to hold your octo in position but you can still grab it when you need to. The magnets are also Self-Guiding so will pull themselves together from a distance so you don't have to struggle with clips or folding hoses away.


Please not the powerful magnets can affect your compass in close proximity.

Product ratings

13 June 2017

Octopus stayed put for both dives. No sliding or falling off. I''ll get another for my instruments

12 January 2018

Octopus stayed in place and is easy accessible for my buddies.

5 February 2018

This does what it says on the tin it is a grey magnet holder for your Octo can also use it for many other devices. Has a very strong magnet which connects very quickly.

4 April 2018

Holds octopus firmly in place, also easy for buddy to remove.

9 September 2018

Great product really strong magnets, works very well underwater! dont have to properly look to put your hoses away.

11 December 2018

does what it says on the tin, another good product/

12 December 2018


20 December 2018

Great service as per usual from simply scuba, many thanks

1 March 2019

I've toyed with buying a magnetic hose holder for a while but put up with the standard clips for years thinking the magnet wouldn't be strong enough to hold my AS in place. How wrong I was, brilliant device should have bought one years ago.

15 December 2019

The magnet is very strong so i will be confident it won't let go until I want it to. A smart bit of kit and I would recommend it.

13 January 2020

I have attached to my regs in time for our upcoming trip.