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Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Aquatics Splitfin Smoke On Water Diving Fins



Item code: 310278

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Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Aquatics Splitfin Smoke On Water Diving Fins




The Atomic Aquatics SplitFins 'Smoke on the Water' use a comparably lightweight compound that has high energy characteristics to lower energy use and increase efficiency. The 'Smoke on the Water' is the only version of Atomic split fins to be fitted with their advanced spring straps as standard.


Atomic Aquatics split fins are the perfect balance between a lightweight, soft, short split fin that is easy to kick with but require a lot more kicks to produce the same level of thrust and a stiff compound with a long blade length that far too much effort to produce effective propulsion. Atomic Aquatics have optimised all these variables to produce an easy kicking, high thrust fin that delivers speed and efficiency.


Split fins are designed to mimic nature. To do this a number of features need to be designed into the blade of the fin.

  • The outer rails provide the main structure and rigidity, storing and releasing the energy
  • Semi rigid panels in the blade provide designers with control over how the blade flexes and changes shape during the kicking cycle, allowing precise wing shape.
  • The split blade allows the fin to form a pair of wings to cut through water to reduce drag which effectively drags the diver forward.
  • A high surface area improves directional control
  • Strong but flexible joints between the semi rigid panels allow the blade to react far quicker to each kicking movement
  • The position and shape of the foot pocket provides a stress free fit

But Atomic's innovative design doesn't stop there, the humble spring strap has also been improved upon. Rather than using a single shape and diameter Atomic Aquatics have adopted and changing pitch and geometry to allow varied strength and resistance throughout the strap, creating a more custom and comfortable fit.



Length : 620mm

Pair Weight : 2.28kg

Blade Type Split
Dive Type Scuba
Fin Heel Type Open Heel
Fin Length 620.00 mm
Strap Type Spring
Weight 228 g

Product ratings

21 May 2008


27 February 2009

Very nice fins, the glossy marketing pictures make them look a tad shinier than they actually are but that does in no way subtract from their practical value. The heel clip is easily accessible and the spring stays on snugly.

30 May 2009

Beautiful splitfin with adjustable springstraps. Didn't try them jet into the water bur only the posession of these fins make me happy allready... ;-)

27 August 2009

Not cheap but excellent. Very qick delivery even to Germany.

16 November 2009

Feels good, easy to use and fast. Adjustable spring strap is a good idea, however I don't like the quick lock buckles. Could be a cause of failure

16 May 2011

Just took these fins for 14 dives in Turks & Caicos and have to admit was very impressed. They are a bit on the expensive side which was an initial concern but can now say they are worth the additional investment if you can afford it. Effortless in t

7 April 2013

Great Fins - take some getting used to if not dived with Split Fins before but once you get used to them they are great.

12 June 2013

Great fins. I have never had better and I am really satisfied with this product. They(9) fit very well with my Mares 5mm boots(9). Again, great product, it worth every penny. I recommended it!!!

26 October 2013

I got these Fins last Christmas, and finally got to test them to the max. I went to Turkey for a long Holiday, and done 38 Dives with these fins. Very fast to get on. 1 thing I would say though is if you are getting a boot to wear with these, get the

29 December 2013

These fins got tried out on a visit to Reethi Beach in the Maldives. Overall, I was very impressed as you get a lot of speed for little effort. The sizing is on the small size, I cannot wear these with my dry suit, however they do fit over Tusa boo

12 May 2016

The sizing for this product is on the small side . Especially if being used with a dry suit. But the product seems to everything it claims to, even though I have only used them in the pool.

4 October 2019

These are expensive fins but well worth the money. Easy to don and doff because of the excellent spring straps and provide a lot of power under water without excessive effort. Very well made, hard wearing and reliable.

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