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Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Aquatics Frameless Diving Mask



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Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Aquatics Frameless Diving Mask




The Atomic Frameless Mask was made to feel like you're not wearing a mask while giving you perfect clarity and vision. The frameless design can bring the lens closer to your face for a wider field of vision, lighter mask and more compact mask that floats on your face. UltraClear glass is made to much higher standards than traditional glass lenses with fewer impurities meaning there is no colour distortion while you are wearing them.



Without a bulky frame this mask can fold almost completely flat with the buckles attaching to the silicone so the mask strap can flex and move more than a jointed buckle. By bonding the lens directly into the skirt the internal volume of the mask is much smaller so you don't have to equalise quite as often and the lens is brought closer to your face so you get a wider field of vision and see more of the ocean and less of the mask.


UltraClear Lens

While most masks have standard tempered glass lenses the Frameless II has tempered ultraclear lenses that has fewer impurities. These impurities can be seen in traditional lenses as a green hue and can affect the light that gets through by blocking some light and distorting colours.

UltraClear glass has none of these impurities and has a near colourless hue that has exceptional light transmittance, clarity and no colour distortion.


As with all Atomic Aquatics products the quality and precision is second to none. Everything about the mask has been carefully thought about, designed and tested to provide unparalleled fit and comfort. The large lens has been made using 'UltraClear' glass which is an optical quality glass that offers exceptional high clarity and light transmittance. This extra level of clarity is achieved by removing impurities, such as iron, which would otherwise create the charateristic green tint. The green tint distorts true colours but also lowers light transmittance by reflecting the light rays back out as they hit the impurities. The removal of impurities from the lens allows more light to pass through into the mask, improving vision in low light conditions.


  • Optical quality, distortion free UltraClear lenses
  • Frameless construction is simple, hydrodynamic and leak-free
  • Extremely large viewing area with low volume
  • Great fit
  • Squeeze to adjust buckles

Dive Type Scuba

Product ratings

28 October 2008

Great fit, high quality, very good field of view, just what I was looking for in a new mask.

29 June 2009

Absolutely awesome mask - brilliant visibility, perfect fit, really comfy - definitely worth the money.

10 December 2009

Excellent! Had an oceanic shadow for only 1 month and wasn't even looking for a new mask. Tried it on out of interest and bought it then and there due to the amazing seal it created. Once you stick it on your face it stays there. Only been diving wi

3 June 2011

Quit simply, best mask you can get. The optical grade mask fits well with its soft silicon seal, adjusters are acurate and there is no distortion in your underwater view, we spend all this money to dive so dont skimp and invest in one of these, only

3 July 2011

Excellent mask, seals very well for comfortable leak-free dives. I previously dived with a Scubapro Crystalview, which leaked and was uncomfortable on the bridge of my nose. This is extremely comfortable & leak-free, offers a good viewing range and i

31 August 2012

Outstanding field of vision with this mask, talking specifically about the clear version. You do pay a bit of a premium but for the improved vision it's worth the extra expense if you can afford it.

6 November 2012

As with the boots, I have not yet used this mask but it is really a very soft but secure fit and visibility is great. Slightly on the pricey side, but if the mask performs as well in the water as it fits on land, it will be worth the investment.

17 May 2013

best mask ever!! so comfortable

3 October 2014

This mask has got to be the clearest I have ever worn. However I do tend to get a few minor leaks now and then which is probably more to do with me than the mask itself. Maybe I shouldn't smile so much lol. Also a couple of dive buddies have also

8 November 2016

Fabulous mask for me because it fits..! Keep the straps balanced, use a decent anti-fog, and you''ll forget you had it on. 200 dives in 5 years and it''s like new. Thank you Atomic.

13 February 2018

I love this mask already - excellent fit (for me!) and comfort. much less liable to leakage than my old one and excellent visability.

9 January 2019

I've had these Atomic masks for years and won't use anything else. Great vision that is unmatched in my opinion.

21 June 2019

Difficult to adjust strap and seal to face

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