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Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Aquatics Frameless 2 Diving Mask



Item code: 309577

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Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Aquatics Frameless 2 Diving Mask




The Atomic Frameless 2 Mask was made to feel like you're not wearing a mask while giving you perfect clarity and vision. The frameless design can bring the lens closer to your face for a wider field of vision, lighter mask and more compact mask that floats on your face. UltraClear glass is made to much higher standards than traditional glass lenses with fewer impurities meaning there is no colour distortion while you are wearing them.


Without a bulky frame, this mask can fold almost completely flat with the buckles attaching to the ultrasoft silicone so the mask strap can flex and move more than a jointed buckle. By bonding the lens directly into the skirt the internal volume of the mask is much smaller so you don't have to equalise quite as often and the lens is brought closer to your face so you get a wider field of vision and see more of the ocean and less of the mask.

Frameless Vs Frameless 2

Very similar in design and style is the Frameless Mask. The Frameless 2 is upgraded in its silicone skirt being softer so it creates a better seal and doesn't apply as much pressure to your face so it is more comfortable on longer dives.

UltraClear Lens

While most masks have standard tempered glass lenses the Frameless II has tempered ultraclear lenses that has fewer impurities. These impurities can be seen in traditional lenses as a green hue and can affect the light that gets through by blocking some light and distorting colours.

UltraClear glass has none of these impurities and has a near colourless hue that has exceptional light transmittance, clarity and no colour distortion.


- Special UltraSoft silicone sealing flange
- Unmatched durability and resistance to breakage
- Optical quality, distortion-free UltraClear lenses
- Hydrodynamic styling with no exposed external
- Wide vision and low volume
- Great fit
- Squeeze-to-adjust buckles
- Clear or Black silicone rubber

Dive Type Scuba
Lens Coating Ultra Clear
Lens Type Single
Mask Frame Frameless
Prescription Lenses No
Skirt Material Super Soft Silicone

Product ratings

10 August 2015

nice and comfortable, great vision

27 November 2015

This is an expensive mask but its worth every penny. The field of view is huge and the quality glass makes a difference to clarity.

28 March 2017

The best mask in this moment.

10 May 2018

Very comfortabe mask with good field of vision.

17 July 2018

This has to be one of the best masks I have ever purchased. Although a bit pricey you get what you pay for. Usually I have to tighten the mask strap a lot to get a perfect seal but with this mask I hardly need too tighten the straps at all.

12 December 2018

As it says in the title plus super easy to travel with as it folds so neatly into its case

4 June 2019

comfortable to wear and great vision.... I am female with smaller face- it was too small for husband.

24 July 2019

A replacement for my excellent Atomic Frameless mask. Very good clarity, comfortable and easy to adjust but leaked throughout 2 week holiday. No amount of tweaking or adjusting prevented the ingress. Very disappointing and highly irritating to be continually clearing during diving.

15 August 2019

The wide and clear vision is the main reason I purchase this mask. The soft skirt is comfortable and won't leave you with a facial mark after an hour's dive. However, this is also where the issue is for me. Over time the skirt feel even softer and the mask start to shift up in stronger current. The nose area is then prone to ingress. It's not a complete flood but is annoying.

14 March 2020

I love this mask, It is very comfortable to wear and the silicon skirt is very soft giving an excellent seal. The mask is very clear giving great visability and sharp colours. When performing an underwater removal and replacement test i was able to easily clear the fully flooded mask with either one large nasel exhale or two shorter ones. Highly Recomended

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