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Aqualung Outlaw BCD


£295.00 £347.00

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Aqualung Outlaw BCD


£295.00 £347.00


The AquaLung Outlaw BCD is a stripped down wing BC for the minimalist diver who doesn't want bulky pockets or bladders with heavy backplates. The biggest feature of the Outlaw is that it is modular so each part of the BCD can be a different size option so it will always fit no matter your body shape.




The Outlaw is a true traveling BCD weighing in at just 1.8kg. This is all thanks to light materials and minimalism. Metal D-Rings have been replaced by lighter webbing Daisy Chain Loops and a removable Carabiner.

Light, quick drying Mesh Padding replaces the bulky backplate so the whole BC is light and flexible to pack easily while still being comfortable.


The harness system has quick release fittings to swap and change sections of the BC to your needs. If you want integrated weights you can add them to the waist


Magnetic Chest Strap, quick connect chest strap holds your shoulder straps in place

GripLock Tank Band, fast and secure GripLock is easy to attach to a cylinder without having to thread buckles

Optional Trim Pockets, multiple attachment points on the back allow you to fit trim lead where you need it

Optional SureLock Weight system, SureLock is a secure quick release system that you can add to your waist

Anti-Roll Bars, either side of the cylinder these bars hold your cylinder from rolling and twisting

Bladder Retraction System, elasticated webbing pulls in your bladder when deflated to keep you streamlined


- Lift 25 / 111 (lbs / N).
- 4 "D" loops to hook on your accessories
- The right lower dump valve provides an additional drain

- Optional trim pockets available in 5LB / 2.25 kg.


ABOUT Aqua Lung

Aqualung have been industry leaders producing a range of diving equipment from regulators and computers to drysuits, wetsuits and masks.

Aqualung have been producing dive equipment since 1943, started by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan who introduced the world to scuba diving and the Aqua-Lung.

BCD Style Wing
Backplate Type Flexible
Dive Type Scuba
Integrated Weight Capacity Optional
Integrated Weights Optional
Storage Pockets No
Trim Weight Pouches No

Product ratings

11 January 2018

I’m a very experienced diver with inherent skills. Got this fantastic BCD for a recent trip to the Red Sea to use with my O Three dry suit. The Outlaw is robust, clearly created by designers with military experience. I own 3 different BCDs & this one is superior because it is laughably easy to get on due to the ridged, swivel shoulder straps, carries a 15 ltr cylinder in comfort, is very light & truely dives like it’s not there. The lack of D rings is not an issue, (the fabric loops work) but the supplied caribiner & octo retainer are both poor quality; those went in the bin replaced by a military grade biner off Amazon. Cylinder strap & clip a joy. The design is very clever & of high quality that must be seen & felt to appreciate. Of the 21 other BCDs on my liveaboard, the Outlaw was the best & got many comments of awe. It also can be easily taken apart & packs up super flat for travel. I left mine assembled & it still packs in better than others. If it wasn’t for the misses, I’d have the Outlaw on display in my home it is such a work of art. I’m 6’2” & got the large . . . perfect fit. This is the BCD I’ve been designing in my head for years. Yup . . . it’s the bollocks.

3 September 2018

This BCD is completely different to many other bcds, yet better in so many ways. when wearing it and diving it feels like a light tracking rucksack. The swivel points on the harness makes it so easy to get on and off and it barely feels like its there while diving. I'm so pleased with it and would strongly recommend it to anyone travelling or who likes minimal bulk while diving.

15 April 2019

Nice piece of kit designed with the traveler diver in mind. The fact that it breaks down into bits it means you can easily fit it in your bag. Once you add some more bits to hold your SPG and Octo it's looks ready to rumble. Can't wait to try it out - Red Sea here I come.

20 April 2019

If you want minimal diving and you are travelling this is an awesome bit of kit. Tough no nonsense product that does exactly what it says on the tin. Upsides: rugged, adjustable & highly configurable, very light weight, replacement parts easily available if you change size, gives you great position and form in the water. Downsides: Get rid of the cheap plastic suicide clips and the nasty octo holder and replace with proper climbing carabiners and a magnetic Octo holders. A really good bit of kit that should last you for years.

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