Apeks XTX40 Octopus Regulator

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Apeks XTX40 Octopus Regulator

Black Yellow

£161.00 £189.00
Manufacturers Description


The Apeks XTX40 Octo is a reliable alternate with the same design as the rest of the XTX range with a Venturi lever and reversible design. Designed to meet the demanding coldwater standards the XTX 40 has a balanced valve for performance, an inlet heat exchanger, full metal valve barrel and venturi to ensure performance and reliability even in extreme cold conditions.

The inlet heat exchanger and full metal valve barrel help to disipate the cold generated as air decompresses between each stage, reducing the potential risk of ice crystals forming on critical components.

A venturi lever allows control of the air flow within the housing, directing it to either provide full performance and air flow or free flowing protection by forcing air back towards the diaphragm.

The XTX40 is finished off with a high visibility yellow front cover and trim and is fitted with a standard length braided octopus hose. The braided hose offers improved UV protection over traditional rubber hoses and also significantly raises the burst pressure of the low pressure hose.


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1st Stage N/A
2nd Stage Ambidextrous
Adjustable Inhalation No
Adjustable Venturi Yes
Cold Water Rated Cold & Warm Water
Dive Type Scuba
Service Info 2 Year - Annual Inspection
Weight 350 g

Product ratings

4 September 2014

I'd be happy with the XTX40 as my main reg. It's comfortable in the mouth and breathes well even with the venturi set on full '-', as it will be when stowed. It's therefore perfect as an octopus. The hose is robust yet flexible so also good for ret

8 October 2015

A nice octopus, improved design since my last one. Very easy breathe. Recommended.

6 December 2017

I needed an additional set up, which was capable of diving in cold water, so I went for the Apeks XTX40. I bought the Octo second stage from Simply Scuba, and it came with a low pressure hose. I already had the first stage regulator, so I didn't want to buy a full set. Unfortunately Simply Scuba don't sell the black second stage separately, so I bought one from a well known outlet. This was more than £10 more expensive, and did not come with an hose. I'll stick with Simply Scuba next time!

28 February 2020

Good Octo