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Apeks XTX200 Plus XTX40 Set Regulator

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The XTX 200 with XTX 40 octopus regulator set incorporates the top of the line XTX 200 second stage combined with a very reliable XTX 40 octopus.


The FSR first stage is a high performance diaphragm design with environmental seal for improved cold water performance and reliability. This over-balanced first stage provides four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports at pre-orientated angles for optimal hose routing.


The XTX 200 second stage provides all the features that you would expect from a high specification regulator including a balanced down stream valve for performance, customisable inhalation resistance, venturi air flow control, diaphragm deflector to prevent strong currents causing the valve to flutter and anti-bacterial bridged mouthpiece. The XTX additionally has a reversible design allowing a trained technician to swap the hose handing and interchangeable exhaust deflectors which are switchable between a compact deflector or a wide deflector.


The XTX 40 uses the same basic components without some of the extras to reduce the overall cost. The second stage still features a venturi control, diaphragm deflector, reversible housing and anti-bacterial mouthpiece.


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  • Balanced diaphragm design first stage
  • Environmentally sealed first stage
  • Four low pressure ports
  • Two high pressure ports
  • Fully balanced second stages
  • Reversible handing second stage housings
  • Venturi adjustment
  • Inhalation adjustment (XTX 200 only)
  • Anti-bacterial mouthpiece
  • Interchangeable exhaust deflectors (XTX 200 only)


Please Note this package DOES NOT INCLUDE a BCD or Drysuit LPI hose. These come with your BCD or Drysuit or can be purchased Here

View product manual View product manual
1st Stage Over-balanced
1st Stage LP Ports 4
1st stage HP Ports 2
2nd Stage Ambidextrous
Adjustable Inhalation Yes
Adjustable Venturi Yes
Cold Water Rated Cold & Warm Water
Dive Type Scuba
Environmentally Sealed Yes
Regulator Set Yes
Service Info 2 Year - Annual Inspection
Weight 1,450 g

Product ratings

23 September 2013

Amazing set of regs,well worth the them at any depth,highly recommended.

2 October 2013

Great regs, easy to breath through. Very pleased.

16 May 2014

These are my first set of personal regulators after only ever using rented ones. What a difference. I'm so pleased with them, absolutely top quality!

6 August 2014

just completed my deep speciallity with these at stoney cove and fantastic at 35m+ .

29 September 2014

Tried them yesterday. Awesome. Received next day.

29 January 2016

Nice look but more important easy to breath through even at depth. Quality workmanship.

1 August 2016

What a brilliant set of regs. They breathe really well. Would definitely recommend them.

15 August 2016

Excellent bit of kit

9 February 2017

Good quality reg. Very reasonably priced for the quality that you get. The only downside for me is that, it doesnt have a swivel turret and it is a tad bit noisy. But for the type of diving I do, this doesnt matter. Dont let that put you off though b

19 August 2017

Great set of regs . The name speaks for itself quality brand

29 September 2017

These are a great regular package ideal for cold water diving, I've used them in 6C no free flows and down to 40m without any hitch, this is the first set of regs I've bought having used various school regs in the past. You can adjust the breathing stress and you can preload the reg with a O2 bubble so you feel comfortable at any depth, and its easy to adjust during the dive even with 7mm gloves on. They do wheeze on the surface, especially if you fit the wide exhalation ports. Very high quality as you'd expect from Apeks.

18 July 2018

I'm very impressed with this regulator, more than happy to recommend this regulator set worth the money

24 July 2018

Bought these having used Apeks before and as the name suggests these well priced regs will not let you down, great for beginners and experienced divers. Easy to manage when under water a must purchase for your piece of mind setup when diving.

31 July 2018

Unbelievable high quality regs for the price. I would challenge anyone to find better a better cold water setup for that price. I have used the XTX40 regs in the schools and they are bullet proof so you can only imagine how awesome the XTX200's are.

22 August 2018

These regs are the most reliable and durable I have ever owned. Great for the beginner or expert, they don’t let you down. Good pricing for equipment that saves your life.

31 August 2018

This APEKS xtx200 reg set, performs astonishingly well, even in the colder waters. The ventury switch and the controllable air flow let you adjust your reg really easily.

21 September 2018

I've had quite a few regs now, and these are by far the best I have ever owned. The build quality is outstanding, the performance is unbeatable and they're just an all round good regulator set. I'd definitely recommend.

8 April 2019

it looks rather good, like the braided hoses, so much better bending than the regular rubber ones.

6 May 2019

I have now done 40 dives with the reg set, have never have any problems. Easy breathing, would be reluctant to change to anything else. Only negative is the 1st stage shape means that my Suunto tank pod is difficult to attach / detach either need a very skinny spanner or to purchase the spacer. (not sure if you will have the same problem with other brands.) Otherwise brilliant and would recommend to anyone.

27 May 2019

I’ve always dived with Apex often in freezing cold water and they’ve never let me down. I have regs from other companies and it’s hard to get them serviced, it’s ridiculous! So have gone back to Apex - as they are more local to me and you know what you’re getting

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