Apeks Hose Retainer Bar Hose Retainer


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Apeks Hose Retainer Bar Hose Retainer


£17.00 £18.00
Manufacturers Description


The Apeks Hose Retainer Bar is a simple device for long hose divers who need to loop their hose under something on their waist band. If you're diving with an unbilical torch or heated undersuit you can tuck the hose under the battery but if you're not diving with a battery then you need something to tuck your hose under.



Machined from a single piece of Delrin with a laser etched logo the Retainer is a light and smooth bar that will fit on any 2" webbing. Delrin is a tough plastic resin that is light, resilient and of course corrosion resistant with rounded ends so it won't bother you and you don't need to think about it just loop your hose under it.


Overall length : approx 6"

Dive Type Technical

Product ratings

5 February 2018

lightweight, strong, and durable the material is Strong easy handling I can recommend

28 August 2018

Helps keep the long hose tucked in; For something so simple, it does the job very well. Highly Recommend.

13 December 2018

Solid quality, works as described.

19 April 2019

This worked extremely well for me during a uni dive trip in Oban. I can also imagine it working well when on holiday somewhere warmer and not needing an umbilical torch!

25 March 2020

Yes, it's quite expensive for what it is but it's definitely worth it. I'd recommending having a least one slide lock either side to keep it stationary as it is able to move freely if not.