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Apeks Black Ice BCD


£536.00 £631.00

Item code: 310930



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Apeks Black Ice BCD


£536.00 £631.00
Manufacturers Description


The Apeks Black Ice BCD has been designed for the most serious of recreational divers in mind. From Tech to Rec the Black Ice can meet all your demands and do it well. Designed to provide the comfort desired for daily diving and the features needed to take you over the edge, the Black Ice is ideal for the diver who does it all.


With the Advanced Diver in Mind Apeks have designed the Black Ice to be rugged; made from abrasion resistant materials. Back inflation wing design produces a lot of lift without restricting movement and because all of the buoyancy is flat on your back it gives you a more natural position in the water.


Wrapture Harness System utilises patented swivel shoulder buckles and a proprietary, ultra thin backplate which increases comfort and stability. The wrapture system prevents the BC from "riding-up" on the surface when inflated by holding onto you. Out of the water, the thin backplate keeps the cylinder close to your centre of gravity and transfers the weight to your hips, reducing the strain on your back. The result is the ability to stand up straight with a cylinder that is perfectly vertical.


Modular Design lets you adjust different parts of the harness to customise the length of each strap for a perfect fit.


Remember to validate your warranty by visiting the manufacturers warranty registration | website


  • Equipped with flat E valves on the right shoulder and lower rear right and left sides (fitted with easy grip pull dumps) Flat E valves are extremely streamlined with a one way design to keep water out.
  • Two shoulder settings for true custom adjustments.
  • Adjustable chest strap.
  • 3 waistband settings.
  • 3 bladder retractors.
  • The Wrapture Harness System with a valve strap that allows the cylinder to be pulled in close to the body and remain in a perfectly vertical position. This allows the diver to stand up straight in total comfort without the cylinder pulling backwards.
  • 5 Stainless steel D-ring to add all the attachments that the diver desires.
  • SOLAS reflector inflater hold down.
  • Powerline inflater with internal dump cable.
  • Innovative swivel shoulder buckles.
  • Knife attachment points designed to accept many of the speciality BC knifes available from Apeks/Aqua Lung.
  • Right hand side large utility pocket.
  • Left hand side large capacity fold down pocket to provide additional space for dive accessories such as lights, mask etc.
  • Removable back pad held in place by a simple hook and loop attachment.
  • SureLock II Integrated Weight Release System.
  • Capable of mounting twin cylinders.


  • Temperature Range - No lower than -20°C (-4°F) and no higher than 65°C (150°F).
  • Cylinder Capacities -
    Single Cylinder - Maximum Diameter - 20.5cm (8.1in)
    Maximum Capacity - 15litre
    Twin Cylinder - Maximum Diameter - 17.7cm (7.0in)
    Maximum Capacity - 2 x 10litre
  • Overall Weight - 4.40kg (9.7lbs) approx
  • Squeeze Lock Knife and cylinder for illustration purposes only (Knife and Cylinder Not Included)
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BCD Style Jacket
Backplate Type Partial rigid
Dive Type Scuba
Integrated Weight Capacity 8
Integrated Weights SureLock II
Storage Pockets Yes
Trim Weight Capacity 4.00
Trim Weight Pouches Yes

Product ratings

8 June 2014

Back to basics, what a great idea, none of this fancy new stuff so very simply to use, fits well and very even bouncy in the water, would recommend this to anyone who wants ease of use without all the confusion of new style BCDs

10 March 2015

This was my fist bcd, went for the best, and have been delighted with its performance, no down sides, but a couple of things to be mindful of, this is designed to keep you in the correct position in under the water, on the surface when inflated yo

14 March 2016

Information on trim pockets is incorrect. You can potentially get 4kg over two trim pockets also. Great BCD.

1 April 2017

In most ways this is the best BCD that I have owned, very comfortable both in & out of the water. My only complaint would be the push clips that the brand uses instead of the standard squeeze clips, one of these broke on my BC & I am aware of others

29 September 2017

This is probably the best BCD anyone will ever own. Easy to Adjust fits perfectly with a Fusion Drysuits, easy access to all dump valves, and doesn't push you face forward even though its a back level BCD it acts like a jacket. The weight pockets however will only take 4lb per slot and while its double height and two deep , i.e. takes 4x 4lb to get you to 16lb per side, the metric equivalent is hard to reach as the metric weights aren't low profile enough to fit. So you have to use the two rear trim pockets, or a weight belt or harness. Its very easy to don and doff for rescue scenarios and extremely ruggedly built as you'd expect from Apeks.

7 October 2017

This is my first BCD as a new diver. I wanted a BCD which was somewhat future proof with back inflate only and ample capacity for weight. I have 3.2kg per side in the releaseable weight and another 1kg in both of the rear trim pockets. The BCD is very well put together and I feel as though it will last me many years, it will take twins but I have only used it with a 12l and 15l. I am 6ft with a slim build but broad shoulders and went with the Small/Medium, this fits perfectly. Certainly well worth it for the money. Do remember to remove the manual CD from the pocket before you dive!

10 April 2018

This is my 2nd wing and have tried a few others nd by far the black ice is miles ahead of all the others. Weight pockets a a bit on the small side but can easily take enough weight when using shot bags. But all in jus a perfect bc for a beginner or a advanced diver and the ability to take twin sets jus makes it all the better

5 July 2018

loving it , worth it for the money. Medium/large fit me perfectly. strongly recommend to buy this bcd if you got alot of things to go underwater with you

2 August 2018

I absolutely love this BCD. As a guy who is 6'6" and slightly build the large fit really well and I love the fact that you can use the bolts to add room or take it in. The fact that you can use it with twin-sets is a bonus. It's dead comfy and the bungies tidy away the excess really well.

22 August 2018

Typical Apeks Product very durable, well made, easy to use. Love the ability to custom fit it with the moveable bolts!

5 September 2019

Endless adjustments .. gets you a perfect fit, Fully inflated but comfortable and allows for plenty of movement.

24 September 2019

Very nice bcd/wing. Sit well in the water comfortably to wear. Easy to use.

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