Adult Snorkel Sets

Adult snorkel sets provide an easy and cost effect way to choose and purchase your snorkelling equipment. These adult snorkel sets include a combination of brand specific, pre-packaged sets that have been combined by the brand because they work well together and fit into particular price points but we also group together our own packages which include excellent quality products that work great together and then we add in a few little extras to improve your snorkelling experience. We have some great help available in snorkelling advice pages if you are not sure what you need. It is important to think about what sort of snorkelling equipment you might need for instance is pack size an issue if you what to hike down a trail to a remote snorkelling site, do you need corrective prescriptions lenses or do you have difficultly getting a full size mask to fit properly. Choosing the right snorkel set now will prevent the need to replace components later. This page includes a combination of mask and snorkel sets, mask snorkel and fin sets and our own premium snorkelling sets that can include useful extras such as anti-fog solutions to keep masks clear, strap wrappers to make the silicone straps more comfortable to wear, compact padded bags to protect your mask and snorkelling bags to keep everything in. We take great care to only pick high quality products that use high grade materials and meet all European safety standards to ensure a comfortable snorkelling experience. All of the masks found here use silicone skirts rather than tough silita or PVC which does not seal anything like as well and much more uncomfortable.

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    Hydrotech Retainer Snorkelling Accessory - Black

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