• Cressi Newton Dive Computer
    BlackIn stock
    Black / GreyDue soon
    Black / BlueIn stock
    Black / PinkDue soon
    Black / YellowDue soon
  • Cressi TraveLight BCD
    SmallIn stock
    MediumIn stock
    LargeIn stock
    Extra LargeIn stock
  • Cressi TraveLight Lady BCD
    Extra SmallIn stock
    SmallIn stock
    MediumIn stock
  • Cressi Giotto Dive Computer
    BlueSold out
    GreyIn stock
  • Cressi R1 BCD
    Extra SmallSold out
    SmallSold out
    MediumSold out
    LargeSold out
    Extra LargeIn stock
  • Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer
    Black/GreyIn stock
    Black/PinkDue soon
    White/BlackIn stock
  • Cressi Ladies One Wetsuit
    Extra SmallIn stock
    SmallSold out
    MediumSold out
    LargeIn stock
  • BlueIn stock
    RedIn stock
    YellowIn stock
  • Leonardo and Giotto PC InterfaceDue soon
  • Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Crystal Mask
    Blue Frame/Clear SkirtIn stock
    Blue/Black / Clear SkirtIn stock
    Dark Frame/Clear SkirtIn stock
    Yellow Frame/Clear SkirtIn stock
    Pink Frame/Clear SkirtIn stock
  • Cressi Frog Plus Fins
    Extra Small/Small, Dark/SilverIn stock
    Extra Small/Small, PinkIn stock
    Small/Medium, Dark/SilverDue soon
    Small/Medium, Dark/YellowDue soon
    Small/Medium, PinkIn stock
    Medium/Large, Dark/SilverIn stock
    Medium/Large, Dark/YellowIn stock
    Large/Extra Large, Dark/SilverIn stock
    Large/Extra Large, Dark/YellowIn stock
  • Cressi Rondinella Kit
    31/32, AquamarineSold out
    33/34, AquamarineIn stock
    35/36, AquamarineSold out
    37/38, AquamarineSold out
    39/40, AquamarineSold out
    41/42, AquamarineSold out
    43/44, AquamarineSold out
    45/46, AquamarineSold out
    47/48, AquamarineSold out
  • Cressi Reaction Pro Fins
    36/37, Dark/GreyDue soon
    38/39, Dark/GreyIn stock
    40/41, Dark/GreyIn stock
    42/43, Dark/GreyIn stock
    44/45, Dark/GreyIn stock
    46/47, Dark/GreyIn stock
    36/37, Blue/Clear BlueIn stock
    38/39, Blue/Clear BlueDue soon
    40/41, Blue/Clear BlueDue soon
    42/43, Blue/Clear BlueDue soon
    44/45, Blue/Clear BlueIn stock
    46/47, Blue/Clear BlueIn stock
  • Cressi Matrix Mask
    Clear Skirt/Aquamarine FrameDue soon
    Clear Skirt/Blue FrameDue soon
    Clear Skirt/Yellow FrameDue soon
    Dark Skirt/Black FrameIn stock
  • Cressi Big Eyes
    Blue Frame/Dark Silicone SkirtIn stock
    Blue Frame/Clear Silicone SkirtIn stock
    Clear Frame/Clear Silicone SkirtIn stock
    Clear/Dark Blue Frame/Clear Silicone SkirtIn stock
    Yellow Frame/Clear Silicone SkirtIn stock
  • Replacement Weight Pocket - Flat Lock Aid SystemIn stock
  • I, Extra SmallSold out
    II, SmallSold out
    III, MediumSold out
    IV, LargeSold out
    V, Extra LargeIn stock
  • Anti Fog SprayIn stock
  • LeonardoIn stock
    GiottoIn stock
Cressi was founded in 1946 and was one of the first manufacturers to produce diving masks with dedicated nose pockets and adjustable open heel fins. Today Cressi is still an entirely family run company that produces the majority of their products in their Italian factory.

The Cressi range boasts a diverse product line including masks, snorkels, regulators, BCDs, wetsuits, fins, dive computers and accessories. Cressi is also a major manufacturer for the spearfishing and free diving disciplines.

Cressi Scubadiving Equipment19 products from £3.00 to £340.00