Servicing From Simply Scuba

Regular inspection and servicing of your SCUBA equipment is crucial to ensure safe and reliable use of your life support equipment.  When servicing your equipment you need to ensure that the service centre and technician is recognised by the manufacturer so you are getting genuine parts fitted.

Allow plenty of time to have your equipment serviced as some spare parts may need to be ordered in.


Regulator Servicing

Regulators use springs, soft seals, O-Rings and other moving parts that wear with use and perish slowly over time.  As regulators are life-support equipment it is vital that your regulators are working properly as you will usually only discover a problem during use.

After your regulators are serviced you need to allow a few weeks or a couple uses to allow them to settle as all of the moving parts and seals will bed in slowly over time and may need to be adjusted.

As soon as your regulators are serviced you need to use them in a safe environment, such as a swimming pool, before you use them in open water to make sure they are bedded in and set up correctly.


BCD Servicing

BCDs are also considered life support equipment because if a seal fails or your inflator does not function properly there will be no way to effectively control your buoyancy without dropping weights.

BCDs need to be cleaned on the inside to eliminate any harmful bacteria inside the bladder that can cause deterioration of the bladder or an infection.  Inflation valves and dump valves need to be inspected to ensure correct function and overpressure valves must be checked so they vent excess air without leaking consistently.

Dive Computers

At Simply Scuba we can change batteries and O-Rings on all current Dive Computers made by Mares, Oceanic, Suunto and Uwatec.

Suunto Oceanic Mares

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These services are generally carried out in around 5-10 working days.The service includes a battery change, test and a calibration.

Computers are constantly monitoring your depth and decompression algorithms so it is essential that your computer has plenty of battery power to monitor your entire dive trip.  The O-Rings and lubricants used to seal your Dive Computer will need to be changed often to prevent flooding.

How to get your items serviced…

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