Scuba Diving Travel Insurance

Simply Scuba has teamed up with Essential Travel, internet travel insurance experts, to provide a fast and easy way to book all your travel insurance requirements online. We have negotiated highly competitive prices and excellent cover, specifically for Simply Scuba customers.

All policies, whether single trip, annual or backpacker, include the following key features;

  • Full cover for diving up to 50 meters
  • 14 days money back guarantee if the policy does not suit your needs
  • 24 hour emergency help line

For a simple no-obligation quote either click the graphic below or call Essential Travel on 0871 360 2715 and quote WC580

Essential Travel Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority number 300175, all our products are underwritten by White Horse Insurance Ireland Limited.

Essential Travel Insurance

Single Trip

Essential Travel offer competitive rates for all our single trips. Whether you are diving in the red Sea or going further afield to Belize you will be covered for all diving down to a depth of 50 metres. The flexibility of the policy gives you the option to exclude baggage cover if it is covered on your household insurance. You can increase the cancellation by upgrading to Superior Cover if you are taking an expensive holiday. As long as you are a UK resident, aged up to 74, and your trip starts and ends in the UK you can book cover for up to 31 days out of the country. As long as you either hold an appropriate certificate of proficiency or are diving with a qualified instructor, the policy will fully cover scuba diving.

Annual Multi Trip

Annual travel gives you the freedom to travel as many times as you like in a twelve month period. It is available to UK residents up to the age of 74 and you can choose the number of days that you would like to be covered for on any single trip. Depending on where you travel you can take Europe or Worldwide cover and opt to inclusive of 45 days per trip out of the country. An annual policy will also cover you in the UK as long as you are away from home for at least 2 nights in pre-booked accommodation and at least 50 miles from your home address. So if you plan to scuba dive in this country your policy will also cover that. Under the terms and conditions you are only covered for cancellation from the start date of an annual policy. An annual policy will also give you 17 days Winter Sports cover during the year.


If you are planning a gap year and are looking forward to some diving whilst in Australia or Micronesia a Backpacker policy is specifically designed for extended trips. The policy will also cover some other leisure pursuits such as surface water sports and Trekking along recognised routes. It will not cover you for the more hazardous activities such as Bungee Jumping, White Water Rafting and Sky Diving, but you can obtain cover for these before taking part. Also, you can purchase Winter Sports cover on a Backpacker. The policy is available for any UK resident up to the age of 45, travelling for between 2 monhs and 2 years (except if you have pre-existing medical conditions where we can only do policies durations of 1 year with the possibility of extending it for a further 12 months) but the cover ceases when you return to the UK. However you are allowed 1 return visit to the UK during the life of your policy for a duration of 14 days maximum. If you do not leave the UK after 14 days you will invalidate your policy or if you were to return to the UK for a 2nd time – you will invalidate your policy.

Medical Cover & Repatriation

All Essential Travels policies include up to £10 million medical and repatriation expenses. There is also a 24 hour emergency medical helpline available for assistance. The multilingual team are available to handle any emergency whilst you are away. They will organise medical arrangements and payment of any hospital bills incurred. All treatment is available if deemed medically necessary, so if a decompression chamber is Required then the appropriate medical care will be available.


Our wintersports insurance provides cover to meet all your skiing and snowboarding needs. It will provide cover for both on and off piste skiing. Included in this, is £10 million medical expenses which includes mountain rescue, leaving you with peace of mind whilst on the slopes. The policy also provides cover for any ski equipment, owned or hired, as well as loss of any pre-booked ski pack arrangements. You are also covered for the affects of avalanche or piste closure on your trip.


A skiing policy with Essential Travel covers all your ski and snowboarding needs. The medical cover of £10 million also includes mountain rescue is deemed medically necessary. Your ski equipment, whether owned or hired, is also covered as well as loss of any pre-booked ski pack arrangements. It also gives cover in the event of an avalanche or piste closure. Therefore an Essential Travel policy will give you peace of mind whilst on the slopes.

Sports Cover

Maybe you want to take part in other sporting activities but are unsure whether youd be covered. Essential Travel will provide cover for numerous other sports as well as Scuba Diving and all surface water sports are covered, including water skiing and wind surfing.

(Disclaimer: Note that Simply Scuba is acting as an Introducer for Travel Insurance for Essential Travel Limited, all of the above information has been provided by Essential Travel Limited who will assume all liability for the travel insurance sold.)