Diving regulators and their accessories are an essential item of dive gear; owning your own offers divers the comfort of knowing where and what your regulator has been through and that it has been properly serviced. Having your own regs also means the mouthpiece is your own, so it is clean and has not been in anyone else's mouth!  Read more...
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Many divers often buy their own regulators once they have logged a few dives or had a bad experience with rental kit.

Regulators are usually sold in three parts; The 1st Stage and Primary together, an Alternate Air Source & a Submersible Pressure Gauge.

When you buy a regulator the first part to buy is the 1st Stage and Primary, then the Alternate Air Source and Gauges. The hose for the BCD is supplied with the BCD itself.

If you want to buy everything assembled together, visit our packages department.

You will need to choose the coupling method to link your regulator to your cylinder valve, either DIN or A-Clamp. The choice of which is up to you as most dive resorts will supply cylinders to fit either configuration. If you want to use high pressure cylinders of 300 bar rather than standard 232 bar you will need to select DIN.

All regulators will work in warm waters but if you plan on diving in colder waters (below 10°C) then you should select one that is cold water rated with an environmental seal or similar cold water system.

Remember, with most regulators you will need to have them serviced every year no matter how much you do or don't use them. In fact, not using your regulators will mean they need servicing more than a set that is heavily used, as they won't be lubricating themselves when not in use.
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