Children's snorkel equipment is not just adults equipment shrunk but specially designed products with kids in mind. They are made with the latest non allergenic materials so they are kind against children's skin ensuring hours of fun in the water. Both the kids masks and snorkels are smaller than adults and available in sizes to fit the from a few years old right up until the teen years. When buying fins or flippers for your child these should be purchased using your child's normal foot size.  Read more...
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  • Sub Gear Rebel 5mm Hood
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  • Sub Gear Seahorse Kids Shorty
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  • TUSA Kleio II Mask
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With all the kids snorkelling sets we sell we don't use the cheap materials you get on products from the supermarkets or beach shops, ours are genuine accredited products suitable for your children. Safety is always paramount so the extra warmth and buoyancy offered by a wetsuit can help the fun last all day. If you just want sun protection then our range of rash vests offer great UV protection.

They should fit snuggly, not being loose nor tight. We offer beach shoes to protect young feet from rocks and sharp objects, that feature mesh panels so they drain quickly and can be worn both in and out of the water.

Remember to always remain close to children when they are in the water especially if they go out of their depth. Check with locals information about tides and currents plus where the best snorkelling spots are. Colours are lost quickly underwater so if you want to amaze your little one, take an underwater torch and watch as a seemingly grey rock leaps into a multi-coloured coral!
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