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WaterProof Hanger Surf Accessory




The Waterproof Hanger is designed to ensure your wet or drysuit stays in the perfect position whilst being stored to avoid creases and strain on the suit.

Large Strong Hook to hang your heavy drysuit from any rail to wash, drip dry and store when not in use.

Wide Rounded Shoulders keep the shape of your suit without creasing as the weight is spread over the hanger which helps to air the suit by opening the chest for ventilation.

Product ratings

10 November 2014

Great for larger wetsuits or drysuits. However, with my daughters's smaller-sized neoprene drysuit we found that the weight of the drysuit caused her relatively narrow neck seal to hang uncomfortably on the top rear edge of the circular moulding at t

18 January 2016

Definitely a superb hanger

28 July 2016

Just the job, robust hanger for a drysuit

11 July 2017

Much strong than standard hangers I was breaking regularly and keeps suit open to allow air movement and better inside drying

30 November 2017

The hangars themselves are perfect for both dry & wet suits for storage or drip drying after use. Unfortunately the 3 I ordered were delivered in a pack that had split during transit [a box would have been better] and some of the washers and nuts to connect the metal hook to the hangar body were missing.

14 May 2018

very strong, very reliable and holds both my wetsuit and BCD when drying. does what it says on the tin, essential to protect your kit.

12 June 2018

I have a few of these for my different wetsuits and dry suits,?a must have especially if you’ve spent a fair bit of cash on a decent suit, a normal hanger will only deform the shoulders. Being Waterproof it’s very good quality and should last !

2 November 2018

The pictures on the site do not do this justice, it is very solidly built. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting but can now see the value in buying a proper hanger from a reputable company.

31 May 2019

It's a hanger with broad shoulders. It does its job fine. The hook can be removed for travel. Er... That's it.

1 July 2019

Have had an earlier version of this wide shouldered hanger for years. This latest model appears to be even better built around the neck - which takes all the force of course, so ideal for job!

18 March 2020

Well made, heavy duty hangar. Waterproof quality product.