Hollis HD200 Wing BCD

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Hollis HD200 Wing BCD

Black Red



The Hollis HD-200 BCD is a hard wearing wing BCD harness that bridges the gap between recreational diving and technical diving so you can continue to use this BCD as you develop your skills.


Fixed Horseshoe C Bladder is similar to the Hollis C-Wings but it's fixed to the harness which gives the whole BCD a minimalist design for freedom of movement but keeping sidepockets and integrated weights.


Padded Backpad is contoured for lumbar support and the velcro cummerbund adds a customisable level of comfort around the waist. Rolled neoprene neck collar is smooth around the neck and the quick release crotch strap stops the BCD from riding up.


Integrated Weight System uses a pinch clip release mechanism for a secure quick release mechanism. Infront of each side is a zippered pocket for accessories and tools and feature knife grommets to attach a BCD knife.


Technical Inflator has two simple inflate/deflate buttons connected to an oval hose with a pull dump. One overpressure pull dump at the right shoulder and another at the left kidney.






  • 35 lbs bladder S & M sizes / 45 lbs bladder L & XL sizes
  • 1000 denier CorduraTM w/ PU lamination outer shell & 1.5mm urethane internal bladder
  • Contoured, lightweight backpack w/back pad, lumbar support, and a rolled neoprene comfort neck
  • 10lb (4.5kg) interchangeable quick release weight pockets with new pinch and pull buckle
  • 5 lb (2.27kg) non-dumpable rear weight pockets
  • System weight: 9.4lbs (4.3kg)
  • Traditional 2" waist strap with Stainless buckle
  • 2" Nylon waist strap with quick release buckle and 2" SS d-ring
  • New comfort molded backpad
  • New 10lb pinch and pull weight pockets
  • Oval corrugated hose
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BCD Style Wing
Backplate Type Padded rigid
Integrated Weight Capacity 8
Integrated Weights Yes
Storage Pockets Yes
Trim Weight Pouches No

Product ratings

3 July 2015

As for the wing, the best thing I have bought. So comfortable and does a great job of keeping me steady at any depth. The pockets are well handy and as a pleasure diver of over 6 years, possibly the most comfortable BCD I've had. Would be more hap

22 July 2015

Can't wait to get it wet. Looks and feels fantastic a quality product

18 September 2015

I have searched for best BCD for me, and I decided to buy HD200. After several dives, I am sure about this product. I guess this will be my first choice for several years... Thanks Hollis...

4 April 2017

As you would expect from Hollis, this is a well made, durable product. This is not the lightest BCD Wing on the market so if you are taking it on your over-sea travels, your luggage allowance may take a slight hit, but it''s negligible. The benefit i

16 July 2018

When deciding between this and other wing/travel wing bc's I found that the Hollis durability and tough feel makes this travel wing incomparable to the likes of aqualung equivalents and such like. After about 20 dives I can throughly say I wouldn't use anything else and at the price nothing comes close. A must buy for the serious diver.